How Much CO2 for Planted Aquarium?

In the previous post, I have review Aquatek Co2 Regulator Mini is great equipment to control flowing CO2 in an aquarium. Now on this page, I will share tips on how much CO2 need for your aquarium plants and how to measure CO2 aquarium. So, please continue to read. When injecting CO2 into your aquascape aquarium, … Read more

Solving The Green Water Aquarium

Eugleana, also known as Green Water in an aquarium is a free-floating single-celled alga. This is one of the most ambulant forms of life and an essential part of the food chain. With the right conditions, these algae can be very productive. The name aptly describes the appearance. Aquarists often have green water aquarium problem … Read more

Tropical Rainbow Cichlid Fish

Species name: Herotilapia multispinosaCommon names: Rainbow CichlidFamily: CichlidaeSubfamily: CichlasomatinaeOrder: PerciformesClass: ActinopterygiiMaximum length: 3.6″ (9 cm)Minimum tank size: 50 gallonsAggressiveness: Semi-aggressiveHardiness: EasyDistribution: Central American: Costa Rica to Honduras and NicaraguaDiet: In the wild, Herotilapia multispinosa is often found eating small insect larvae. In the aquarium, however, they will take just about any prepared food. Rainbow Cichlid … Read more

Basics Flowerhorn Care for Beginners

Lots of freshwater fish that have a beautiful body and one of the beautiful freshwater fish with a unique body shape that you can find today is the Flowerhorn Cichlid. Flower Horn is a beautiful fish with a very impressive behavior, temperament, and totally unusual appearance. Flowerhorn cichlid fish is a hybrid, included as the … Read more

Best Types of Tetra Fish for Beginners

Neon Tetra is one of the most easily-available groups of fish in an aquarium tank. There are many types of tetra fish, and some are perfect for newcomers to fishkeeping. Other species are much more challenging, and best avoided unless you’ve kept tetras before. Choosing The Best Tetras Before you buy any tetra fish, know … Read more

Betta Fish Diseases – How to Prevent?

Do you know Betta fish? I believe that most of you have ever heard about the Bettas. For more information, you can read this another post about Betta fish & Care. Betta fish belongs to the common biota which lives at freshwater and this type of biota is characterized by the long fins which are flowing and … Read more

The Most Expensive Freshwater Fish In The World

When we talk about the most expensive fish that exists in the world, it is Platinum Arowana. This fish has been introduced as the costliest creature people will ever buy. It is the rarest animal that people have ever treasured. It is valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars. You will not believe that the … Read more

How to Care Dwarf Freshwater or Pea Puffer Fish

The dwarf puffer is a kind of fish which has a small body. This fish is also known as Carinotetraodon Travancoricus or pea puffer. Pea Puffer fish originally comes from rivers of southwest India and it has the unique body. If you are looking for the best small freshwater fish for your aquarium, you can … Read more

Green Terror Cichlid Fish Facts

Species name: Aequidens RivulatusCommon names: Green TerrorFamily: CichlidaeOrder: PerciformesClass: Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes)Maximum length: Adult males can reach 10″ to 13″. Mature females are usually smaller at about 6″ to 9″.Minimum tank size: 55 gallons for a pairHardiness: EasyAggressiveness: AggressiveDistribution: Peru and EcuadorDiet: Omnivorous. Accepts all types of food. The Green Terror cichlid is one of … Read more

Common Types of Tropical Fish for Beginners

Every people have different hobbies. One hobby that is interesting is collecting animals. Sometimes, fish also can be used for pets. Furthermore, there are several types of fishes. There are saltwater and freshwater fishes. Both of them have the different species. The tropical freshwater species is various. When you are looking for one, you may … Read more