Saltwater System Backup – Battery Backup for Aquarium

Today I had the most dreaded scenario for any saltwater aquarium… the power went out! This isn’t the first time this has happened and like many aquarists, I just stick my head in the sand and think it doesn’t happen that often, it’ll be fine. I have literally no backup options for my saltwater aquarium … Read more

Saltwater Aquarium Sand

Saltwater aquarium sand is not just any old sand; it generally comprises of what is commonly known as “live sand”. Live sand is a substrate that has been sourced from a coral reef, or alternatively, it is cultured from non-living coral sand. (Read also another substrate for the aquarium here). The term “live” refers to … Read more

Useful Tips From Experts In Bubble Coral Care

Bubble Coral is a beautiful living addition to a saltwater aquarium. Addition to the small saltwater fish and live rock, corals become a nice decoration for reef aquariums. But proper coral care has to be clearly understood before you add these living beings to your home tank. When you decide to add coral to a … Read more

Types of Clownfish

Nowadays, having an aquarium as the part of house decoration becomes the popular hobby found. The reef aquarium can make another artistic decoration of the room while some people also said that it brings the positive aura into the house. People can have a different choice about the type of fish that can be put … Read more

Best Saltwater Clean Up Crew Packages

Base with our last article “3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Own a Marine Aquarium“, besides expensive, a seawater aquarium requires special treatment, in particular with the health of biota therein. Well, there is one way to solve it. You need some saltwater clean up crew that can be cleaning up your aquarium naturally. The saltwater cleanup … Read more

17 Essential Equipment for Saltwater Fish Tank Setup

So you’ve decided to enter the wonderful world of saltwater reef tank ownership? Please read this article “3 reasons you need to know before setting up a reef tank“ before you continue reading this page. So, if you are already convinced to start a saltwater aquarium, please continue reading essential equipment for saltwater fish tank … Read more

11 Steps Saltwater Tank Setup for Beginners

This guide for anyone interested in learning how to make a reef aquarium. A saltwater tank setup is not always difficult, it just to learn and know what it takes to have a healthy saltwater aquarium. Here we discuss guide to starting a saltwater aquarium. Step by Step Saltwater Tank Setup for Beginners 1. Planning The … Read more

Benefits of Saltwater Live Rock for Aquarium

These live organisms are of good value for your fish tank or aquarium because they make an incredibly natural environment for your fish. Live rock will have crabs, algae, worms, shellfish as well as bacteria, and all these will be moved to the aquarium to form an environment as close to the real deal as … Read more

How To Set Eco-Friendly Marine Aquarium and Looks Amazing!

As we discussed in the last post on three reasons you might not want to own a marine aquarium, there is a very real negative environmental impact that the salt water aquarium trade has on coral reefs. Most of the fish, live rock, and invertebrates and a good percentage of the corals sold today come from … Read more

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Own a Marine Aquarium

Setting up and maintaining a saltwater reef tank ain’t easy. And the responsibility is one that many people can’t handle. This post is written to help you decide whether an owning one is a good fit for you or not. Here are three reasons you may want to go the aquarium or fish store to … Read more