The Most Expensive Freshwater Fish In The World

latinum-Arowana most expensive fish in the world

When we talk about the most expensive fish that ever exists in the world, it is Platinum Arowana. This fish has been introduced as the totally expensive creature people will ever want to buy. It becomes one rare animal thing that humans have ever valued it in hundred thousand dollars. You will not believe that the current price for one piece of Platinum Arowana can reach more than $400.000. This number is really unbelievable, especially for freshwater fish like this. But if you take a look at the visual of the fish, you will be totally amazed by its beauty.

It becomes understandable that the price glows at such a higher level, more so, after you know that this fish is categorized as one of the rarest fish you will find in the world. When it comes to rare, it means that the number of this fish is really limited. There are not much of this in the world. The platinum color is the result of a very rare genetic mutation. However, not all of the Arowana is priced at such expensive price. There is one special Arowana species that has been titled as the most expensive fish in the world and it is the Platinum or White Arowana. So, what is Arowana and what does it look like? For those who ask questions about this, you will get the answer sooner.

What You Need To Know About Platinum Arowana

Platinum Arowana is one of the freshwater fish with bony appearances. This fish has a slim long body size with metallic gold-like scales which makes it looks even more enchanted. In the family stage of fishes, this fish is included in Osteoglossidae family. Mostly fishes that are included in this family will have the abony head with body elongated. The scales are also different since it appears in large size and heavy with beautiful shine pattern. The Super Arowana has soft and long layered. The head body of this fish is also unique in which it has teeth style that looks upward.

super platinum arowana
Platinum Arowana – Most expensive fish to eat

In the science fish classification, Arowana has been set in Animalia kingdom, the phylum is chordate, the class is included as Actinopterygii while the order is in Osteoglossiformes and the suborder of this Arowana is from Osteoglossoidei. The genera are divided into three types that are Osteoglossum, Phareodus, Scleropages. This fish is included as primitive fish by looking at the visual appearance. Apparently, Arowana evolved from primitive fish and it still keeps the characteristic of the fish it evolved from through its body shape. The spreading habitation of this fish is mostly found in Asian but it does not mean that other regions are not their habitats. Arowana is also be found in South America and in Australia.

The Characteristic of Arowana

This unique fish has several behaviors that you may need to know, especially if you have an idea to put it in your aquarium. As it is included as osteoglossids fish, Arowana has different eating style. Different from most of the fishes that eat plankton or else, eat insects and sometimes tiny bird as well. Thus it is included as carnivorous fish. In the wild area, Arowana can even spit out into the air from the water. It can fly to catch their target like insects. This is what makes this magnificently expensive fish become one of the wild and rare creatures. His instinct is super-fast and genius. That is why if you want to bring it and drops it into your tank, you may need thick glasses tank.

The character of Arowana tends to be aggressive, which is shown even more when they become adults. That is why if you want to keep it in your aquarium, you better place in alone without any companion. It is because this fish is known as a solitary fish that chooses to be alone, without any group or mate. The best thing to do is place the fish in the wide aquarium that can contain more than 75 gallons. You had better use a wide tank if you want it to grow faster in 8 to 10 months. Besides using the right tank, you must provide the best equipment like a water filter and other fish tank equipment needed to support the growth of the fish. Since you put it in a tank, the Arowana will not able to fight and pray its targets that is why you need to feed them with live animals like insects, tiny fish, or else you can use the frozen feed as an option.

Where the Names Come from

The name of Arowana is not coming up instantly. In South America, this fish is generally known for its space name or its Latin name. But in Asia or Australia, it is preferably known as Arowana which comes from the Indonesian language of Arowana or Nirwana which means heaven or paradise. This epithet is soon to be known in all over the world, and people now recognize it as Arowana, the highest one. Another epithet that is known for Arowana is the ‘dragon fish’ name.

The popularity of Platinum Arowana began firstly in 2007 when a fish breeder from Singapore was willing to pay such an expensive amount of dollars to bring this fish to his tank. Because that this fish can be the most expensive freshwater fish in the world. The fish that has been owned has the platinum silver color which is really super rare color in any Arowana fishes that exist in the world. That is why it becomes super higher priced among any other rare fish.

What makes Arowana Looks Beautiful?

Not all of Arowana fish is priced at a higher level. But it is indeed priced with ever reached at a truly high price for several types of Arowana. Apparently, what makes the point of this is due to the color of the fish body. Mostly the highest priced Arowana has truly unique color such as total platinum color. Another color that turns out perfectly beautiful is the Super Red Arowana. More common types of Arowana include the Red Arowana, Green Arowana, Yellow-Tail Arowana, Silver Arowana, Black Arowana and Australian Pearl Arowana. People who keeping this fish believe that it can bring big luck to the owner as it also gives huge prosperity for those who have it. This fish has a really great body precision which makes it looks angelic. The adult Arowana can grow up to three feet long in the wild are and it may grow less if you get it from a tame area.

Super Red Arowana
Super Red Arowana

Moreover, the Arowana has special body looks that are incredibly beautiful. The large metallic scale with coin shapes makes the visual of this fish look shiner even more. The perfect body makes it genuinely strong, and independent. This fish can also grow for longer years, which means it can grow old longer than casual fish for the tank. The character of Arowana that is strong and its tendency to be wild makes it possible for it to live almost 50 years. With this, you can keep in from family to family, your kid, this fish can accompany you from time to time.

Sometimes, if you can keep it pretty good, the fish can grow up to 50 years. Of course, having this fish will not be easy. First, you need to buy it with totally expensive number dollars or else if you do not want to buy it you have to find it alone in the jungle river which can be dangerous for you if you are not professional. You need to know well how to keep it and you have to prepare really bet and protected tank for it. But above all, having this super expensive fish will really give you special pleasure that you may not find in any other fish.

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