5 Best 20 Gallon Aquarium

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the best 20 gallon aquarium

Having an aquarium with beautiful fish is your dream. For the beginner, it is quite difficult to find the right aquarium due to limited knowledge and experience. That’s why in this page will help you in choosing the best 20 gallon aquarium.

For the beginner, you may start from a tank with capacity twenty gallons. At the store, 20 gallon aquarium kit is complete with several equipment starter kits for the aquarist.

Aquarium uses glass material with the ability to withstand the strong force from inside and outside. However, you still need to take care and put in the proper place. It is better to buy the complete set of an aquarium with filter, heater, aquatic control, fishnet, water care, etc. You may buy separate parts and tools, but you still need to adjust it. In this article, five best aquariums with capacity 20 gallons are presented to consider.

Best 20 Gallon Aquarium 2023

20-gallon tank is the perfect size to start your first aquarium. Especially if it comes with the essential equipment to support all the needs in the aquarium tank. But, There are many 20 gal tanks available in the market today. So, if you are excited about looking for a starter kit for your aquarium, here are the most recommended of the best 20 gallon fish tank to buy.

1. Marina 20G LED Aquarium Kit

Marina 20G LED 20 gallon aquarium View on Amazon

One of the best 20 gallon fish tank products is Marina 20G LED. The Marina 20G LED has consistently received positive reviews from both buyers and the aquarist alike for the quality product they put into this 20 gallon tank, some reviewers even consider it the best 20 gallon aquarium ever made. It is the best product if you want to keep any fish without hygiene and health issue. This product is our top choice on the list. The price is affordable to an eligible buyer. Before looking closely to aquarium specs, you have to know a certain part of the aquarium. Nowadays, most of the aquariums come with many specs and tools. Unfortunately, only a few of them are able to deliver adequate water condition. Instead of giving the proper ecological condition, you will end up in trouble for destroying fish itself. It is part of the concern for aquarists.

Now, it is time to see specs of Marina 20G LED. You will get the strong glass as cover with a non-oxidation property. For your information, some glass-based materials are very sensitive to water, especially salt water. You do not have to bother about such matter after utilizing this aquarium, right? Well, it has LED light and canopy as aquarium hood. LED light is safe to be put into the aquarium, especially for fish. You will get natural light, which resembles the real condition. Canopy is for cover at the top. Moreover, the aquarium is not closed environment because oxygen can exchange from the surface. Canopy only protects the aquarium from unwanted objects that fall into the water.

This product is equipped with best fish tank kit. You will get water conditioner and fish food. The conditioner is a device to control water status. Fish cannot stay for a long time in tap water. If you use natural water for an aquarium, the condition needs to change to meet the basic life requirement of fish. It also comes with a fish net to separate fish when you want to clean it. The manufacturer gives the manual book for customers, especially beginners. They can set this aquarium into proper place and maintain the condition. Marina 20G is a perfect choice as best 20 gallon aquarium, and also suitable for experienced aquarist due to a simple configuration. Therefore, you need this product to fulfill what you desire for keeping your fish in an aquarium.

2. Tetra Kits, 20 Gallons

Tetra Kits 20 gallon fish tank View on Amazon

Another for the best 20 gallon fish tank product is Tetra Kit Aquarium is one of the most popular fish tank kit currently available. From the name of the product, you may expect to get a complete kit for aquarium hobbyist. Let’s explore what you will get from this product. The most visible part is a strong and bold aquarium with the rectangle shape. The manufacturer makes sure this aquarium is safe for any environment. Of course, you must follow the guideline to prevent an unwanted accident. This product consists of several parts. There are LED aquarium hood, heater, water filter, artificial plant, and plant mat. LED system gives ultimate lighting fixture to enhance the decoration. You can do this hobby not just for keeping fish, but also for the room decoration. Aquarium becomes an option for room’s ornament. LED light delivers the fluorescence effect of illuminating aquarium composition.

Furthermore, water filter and heater are important to deliver proper condition for fish. For your information, fish inside the aquarium requires more concern and treatment, so you need to maintain water composition. During the winter season, the aquarium is the first place where cold starts to emerge. This is why the manufacturer put the heater to increase temperature. Even though winter is not coming yet, the certain weather is sensitive to fish. Water filter delivers adequate compounds for fish. You need to get rid of an unwanted solution that integrates into the water.

Other properties are artificial plant and floor mat. An artificial plant is a specific part that resembles a water plant in the sea or river. Primary function is for decoration. Besides, you may use this plant to let the fish feels like at home. Keeping fish happy and healthy is important for the aquarist. You may use any decoration, including real sea plant. However, such matter seems not suitable in the closed ecological area. Well, you will receive guideline about assembling and maintenance.

3. Aqueon LED 20 Gallon Aquarium Kit

aqueon 20 gallon tank kit View on Amazon

Aqueon is LED-based 20 gallon aquarium kit that suitable for beginner or expert. People usually keep aquatic pets inside an aquarium. Besides fish, several animals are categorized into aquatic pets. Keeping fish in an aquarium is completely different from ponds. The aquarium is the closed environment with a minor change, so the stability may disrupt fish behaviors. You are not the breeder, but still, the characteristics of fish need to be put into the utmost concern.

Aqueon delivers everything essential equipment to keeping fish in the aquarium. This tank has capacity approximately 20 gallons. For the small purpose, this size is enough to put your fish in a home. You may put an aquarium in the living room, bedroom, etc. What do customers get in Aqueon? Firstly, you will receive a glass box with a rectangular form. The material is bold and high-grade in order to maintain durability. Moreover, water inside the tank cannot go outside easily. Stability is important to make aquarium stays in proper place.

LED light is one of the attractive parts from this product. Nowadays, LED is a major lighting fixture in indoor or outdoor utilization. LED has the capability to emit light with less energy. Moreover, LED is excellent with water reflection. You will see gleaming water with lighting then reaching the fish body. Another advantage is that it is safe for fish. As you know, fish is attracted by light, but too much lighting will deteriorate its capability and life.

As fish tank kits, you will get several parts. Aquarium uses a plant with artificially made to enhance decoration. Besides, you will get a water filter and conditioner. The filter keeps water from the harmful compound, which is commonly used in home supply. Fish cannot live for a long time when receiving tap water. A Certain compound cannot suit their body metabolism. In order to prevent unwanted death, you may need to use a water filter and conditioner. Aqueon has everything required to get along with aquarium hobby.

4. Marina Style 20 Deluxe Glass Aquarium Kit

marina style 20 deluxe View on Amazon

Elegant design with a canopy to cover top part is what you see from Marina Style Deluxe. This aquarium is suitable to keep your aquatic pets due to supporting environment. 20 gallon tank dimensions for Marina are 12-inch length and 24-inch width. The height is 15 inch. Fish is not land or soil animal which live inside the cage. You need to build a specific environment in order to keep them alive. The aquarium is one of the hobbies that require much attention.

Marina Style Deluxe consists of many properties to support aquarist. This product has a water filter and thermometer to control compound and temperature. A water filter is also useful during cleaning and exchanging water. You do not have to move fish into a different place. Water filter collects rubbish from aquarium then let them out from the aquarium quickly. It also works with temperature control. Weather is not the only reason why the aquarium needs such a device. People commonly put an aquarium in indoor. It surely increases the temperature significantly. Fish cannot live in hot temperature, even for tropical species. Besides, the hot temperature will ruin the oxygen compound.

Another part of this aquarium is LED light. Fish in the aquarium have beautiful color. However, you need a lighting fixture to illuminate more aspects of fish. The combination between LED and natural color of fish delivers ultimate scenery. The aquarium will be your favorite place to relax. If you buy this kit you will also receive fish food. A nutrient is important to maintain the fish’s health. Moreover, bad food also affects fish metabolism. You will see this condition when cleaning the aquarium. Water filter with much rubbish is the sign of bad situation of the fish body. Marina Style Deluxe has everything to start keeping fish in an aquarium. That’s why we put it on our list of the best 20 gallon aquarium.

5. Marineland AMLPFK20B Biowheel with LED Light

Marineland bio-wheel 20 gallon aquarium kit View on Amazon

One of our recommended aquariums is Marineland AMLPFK20B Biowheel with LED Light. You may wonder about the meaning of biowheel. From official booklet, Biowheel is similar to filter to maintain the fresh water. Aquatic being is very sensitive to a change of temperature and water compound. You will see from fish color. When the color turns into pale and bright, it is time to check the water condition. Instead of replacing frequently, Marineland puts a specific device called Biowheel. Another function is to get rid of ammonia and nitrite. Both are waste products of the animal. The aquarium is a small and enclosed environment, so you need to preserve water condition ultimately.

Other parts of Marineland Biowheel are LED light hood. Hood is the cover on top of an aquarium. This 20 gallon aquarium hood is capable to prevent anything goes inside aquarium from the top. The key capability is easy to open for cleaning and feeding. You do not need to remove the hood completely. LED light is installed safely in this aquarium. You do not have to worry about the electrical issue. The aquarium can get light in three modes. Lighting also adjusts with a natural condition, particularly during the day. In the evening, you can change lighting into more subtle to illuminate the aquarium. Well, LED is more efficient than a regular bulb.

Customers also receive several parts such as thermometer and water conditioner. The design for this aquarium is a long box with high-grade glass. The manufacturer puts durability on the top priority to make an excellent aquarium. 20 gallon aquarium dimensions consist of length, width, and height. Length is 26 inch and width is 14 inch. For the height, this aquarium reaches 18 inches. Maximum weight is 160 pounds.

Other Options To Consider for 20 gallon aquarium tank

If you need another tank with 20 gallon capacity, you may need to consider this option. We have 20 gals long tank that is perfect for fish or your favorite reptile like a turtle. And if you need a tank for custom-made, is a great option to choose Carolina glass standard aquarium tank.

Tetra Usa STS26921 20 Gall Long Tank – Best 20 long aquarium

tetra 20 gall long aquarium View on Amazon

With many products on the market, Tetra Usa is one of 20 gallon long aquarium variants with a standalone product. Actually, this tank can use for two functions. Aquarist may put water and add fish to enjoy the scenery. Another way is keeping your reptile in a dry environment. The function is common due to the glass-based frame. Tetra produces this 20 gallons long fish tank is originally for fish. Buying a complete set of the aquarium may not your preference due to specific needs. The advantage of the separate product is simple to modify. For example, you require more space then get rid of some water plants. This is the reason why Terra Usa is the favorite aquarium.

As stated earlier, this aquarium also good to keep reptile. Of course, a certain part is needed to make sure the environment is adequate. The manufacturer adds a fancy background to get a wild-type appearance. Reptiles inside aquarium require air, so you should use proper cover. 20-gallon long tank is enough to put your small iguana or gecko. Another reptile is the turtle that uses small water as an environment. Tetra Usa is recommended 20 gallon long aquarium kit to get beautiful aquarium in your room.

Carolina Fish Tank Glass 20 Gal Standard Dimensions – Good choice for custom tank

20 gall glass standard dimensions View on Amazon

Carolina Fish Tank Glass 20 Gal Standard Dimensions is a standalone product. This aquarium to be suitable for custom-made. The capacity is twenty gallons, so it is enough to put your favorite fish inside this aquarium. The material is glass with high-grade quality. As mentioned before, a small aquarium tends to be used for fresh water. On the contrary, seawater is very reactive, so only a few aquariums can support such matter. One of them is Caroline Fish Tank Glass.

Other properties are the leakproof and top frame. Leaking is one common problem when putting aquarium for an indoor spot. You can’t detect it quickly, but only see the water in the outer cover. Water leaking comes from various sources. In the aquarium, water may directly come from inside to outside. Another factor is vapor. This condition is rare unless the tank is at the high temperature. Top frame will handle such a problem. Caroline Fish Tank dissolves any water to let outside. You do not have to worry about that problem anymore.

Marineland 20 Gallon Aquarium Hood

Marineland light hood View on Amazon

Marineland tank hood is one of the best-LED hood for your tank with 20 gallon capacity. The collaboration of the daylight and night light (moonlight) features make this product highly favored by customers. The light quality is bright and crisp and will fit on 20-gallon long Aqueon tank perfectly. The light of LED can work for some types of live plants, but you would have to research the type of plant you want to use because some plants have different requirements. So, a Marineland 20 gallon tank hood is the right choice to complete your aquarium.

Selecting The Right Aquarium

You have already learned the basic knowledge about the aquarium. Sometimes, people forget the essential part while selecting the right aquarium. In this case, you need to pay attention to several matters.

Fish inside the aquarium

Single and various species are different. You use an aquarium with twenty gallons, but there are too many fish variations. For beginners, the fish should be single species. You have to put only five to seven for the fish with the length between five to ten centimeters. You may put ten, but it is still too crowded, especially with a plastic plant. In order to keep the fish in the proper environment, you should consider fish growth. Collect information about fish morphology and behavior. Beautiful color does not mean anything when you have to deal with excess growth rate.

Single species is more reasonable. Normally, fish will get food from the same source. However, you cannot afford to see one fish eats other. Preliminary information is important, but the preventive measure is more crucial. Species consists of some subspecies. Even though two fish are categorized into the same species, they may have different behaviors. Sometimes, one subspecies is more aggressive than original. Knowledge about natural selection will help you to understand such condition. For beginners, it is better to start from a simple matter before jumping into more complex condition. Usually, a small aquarium is only for the freshwater. If you want to put salt water, consult with the expert for certain modification.


Besides fish, aquarium relies on water. As stated above, each of aquariums has the water filter or conditioner. The device might be different, but functionality is similar. Real water in the river is different from a home water supply. Fish can live in water as long as it contains the supportive compound. However, some water from home is not safe for a long period of life of fish. Water is already passed some processing to turn into safety form for the human.

Aquarium composition

The aquarium is one of the decorations. You will use LED and artificial plant to improve aesthetic aspect. Be careful when putting a plastic plant inside an aquarium. The toxic material can integrate into the water solution. In this case, you need the filter to clean. However, excessive toxic is not easy to throw away, even with the advanced filter. Try to check composition when buying the separate plant.

Cleaning and replacing the water

Aquarium requires cleaning to keep hygiene condition. A filter only handles small parts of dirt or rough compound. You will see the stain on the glass which resembles a dark or yellow mark. That is the sign that you should immediately clean the aquarium. Feeding fish should follow the instruction to prevent waste material. The effect is dirt aquarium condition.


Many products are available on the market and store. You may buy a complete 20 gallon fish tank kit or separate products. The price is various from cheap to expensive. Keep in mind that expensive aquarium does not mean the best one. You need to adjust with real needs. Buying separate products is not efficient. The price should include manual book and additional tools. Fish food is a limited supply, but you can buy it from a similar seller.

Aquarium becomes a new hobby. People keep pets, particularly fish to enjoy beautiful color. It is okay to start with a complex aquarium, but you need to get the proper knowledge. Twenty gallons is the right starting point. From seven options for the aquarium, you have the whole idea to pick the right one. The reason why people choose 20 gallon aquarium is that it is small and easy to install. You will enjoy beautiful scenery from the aquarium that comes from fish, plant, and lighting fixture.

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