Changing The Water In Your Fish Tank

There are pros and cons to changing the water in your fish tank, but when done right, it is the one thing that can drastically increase the quality of life that you are maintaining your aquarium life. No matter how efficient your fish tank filters may be, you will still need to change the water … Read more

Best Aquarium Substrate for Planted Tank

There is an essential substrate for each type of aquarium. If you were growing live plants in the tank, choosing the best aquarium substrate is an important decision that will have long-term effects on your plants because many live plant species draw their nutrients from the substrate. Each plant has different requirements, and you should … Read more

Tips for Removing Aquarium Snails

Aquarium Snail one very popular addition to a fish tank. But, some aquarists love them, and some hate them. Snails would probably be more welcome in aquariums if they weren’t so prolific. A large population of snail aquarium can lead to the destruction of your aquatic plants and even upset the aquarium ecological balance. Removing … Read more

Best Way to Acclimate Fish To Your Aquarium

All aquarium fish are sensitive to rapid changes in their environment. A sudden change can send them into shock and lead to death. We care about them so let’s do things the right way. Floating bags from the store in your tank is not enough. Many people use this method, but this is wrong! It … Read more

Best Algae Eaters For Freshwater and Saltwater Aquarium

In our efforts to keep the algae away from our aquariums, the best algae eaters can be great allies. Which fish species really eat algae? Not all fish can eat algae just several species of fish as algae-eaters. One of the common freshwater fish as a good algae eater is the Common Pleco. Here is … Read more

How to Change Aquarium Water Easily

I just realized I never wrote about those very important aspects of successful fish keeping: aquarium water changes. This might be obvious for many of us, but it is certainly not for everyone. Yesterday, at I received two messages from people looking for an answer to their problems: The first tank wasn’t cycled after 6 … Read more

The Biotope Aquarium Explained

In a biotope aquarium, the aquarist attempt to simulate a natural habitat, assembling fish species, plants, water chemistry and decorations found in that specific ecosystem. A “true” biotope should be a mirror of a natural habitat. There are many good reasons for setting up an aquarium that simulates a natural habitat. Those of us who … Read more

Setting Up a Quarantine Tank And Invertebrates

Why do you need to quarantine the fish tank? A quarantine tank (QT) is a very important accessory for any responsible aquarist. The whole point of quarantine is to prevent problems in the main tank and protect your investment. Why take the chance of introducing pest or diseases into an healthy tank or why should … Read more

Tips in Choosing Great Fish Tank Cabinets

When people want to use fish tank or aquarium as the part of your house decoration, they can compose their creativity to make its more beautiful appearance in whole. Some people place their aquarium in the available spot without any decorations. In some cases that can be successful to show the great appearance of the … Read more

Corner Fish Tank Improve Your Home Environment

Corner fish tank will beautify your room perfectly. It is one of the addition furniture that can give you both best view and a new look that looks natural and fresh. Not everyone loves to add aquarium as their home decoration. But if you like something new and probably love nature most then having this … Read more