SCA 302 Protein Skimmer Review

You probably think that SCA 302 skimmer is just the same as other protein skimmers available on the market, but you should know that each device is different. That’s why you can always expect this variant to be quite different from the others. It comes with its own specs and also features that will make … Read more

Activated Carbon In Aquarium

Activated carbon is by far the biggest selling maintenance product in the aquarium industry and is one of the most effective absorbents currently used. However, using activated carbon in fresh or saltwater aquarium is a controversial subject and opinions ranged from “never use it” to “can’t live without it”. What is Activated Carbon? When carbon … Read more

Firemouth Cichlid – Thorichthys meeki

Species name: Thorichthys meekiCommon names: Firemouth CichlidFamily: CichlidaeOrder: PerciformesClass: Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes)Maximum length: 7″ (18 cm)Minimum tank size: 55 gallons for a pairHardiness: EasyAggressiveness: Peaceful. Only shows some aggression when breeding.Distribution: Central AmericaDiet: Omnivorous with a preference for meaty foods. Will enjoy most varieties of food. They primarily prefer a diet rich with live food … Read more

Best Aquarium Stand 2023

On this page, We will help you to choose the best aquarium stand for your setup ranging from 5 to 90 gallons. So, which stand is right for you? You must be feeling an unstoppable desire to rear fish pets around your home or workplace. However, without creating the best environment for your lovely fish, … Read more

Bamboo Shrimp – The Asian Filter Shrimp

Known to science as Atyopsis Moluccensis, the bamboo shrimp has long been a popular choice with aquarium hobbyists. This fascinating creature is native to Southeast Asia, but the aquarium trade has brought it into homes all over the world. When this filter shrimp was first introduced to the aquarium hobby it could be difficult to … Read more

AquaC EV-120 Protein Skimmer Review

A few days ago someone asked us about AquaC EV-120 and asked us to review a little about it. So, in this article, we will review the AquaC EV-120 protein skimmer for you. If you looking for other protein skimmers, you can find here; the best protein skimmers to buy. AquaC EV-120 Protein Skimmer The … Read more

Best Aquarium Thermometers 2023 – Reliability and Durability

Most people would underestimate the use and function of aquarium thermometer – mostly because they don’t really understand its basic usage. If you have a fish tank, you’d know that the water temperature plays a crucial role in the fish and also plants life. If it gets too high, they may die. But if it … Read more

Goldfish Diseases, Symptoms and Possible Cures

There is a huge range of Goldfish diseases and Goldfish illnesses such as parasites and infections. These effects are usually increased by overcrowding and not sufficient aquarium care. We will highlight here a few of the diseases particularly relevant to the goldfish. While most can be prevented, it can occur in even the best-kept tanks. … Read more

Saltwater System Backup – Battery Backup for Aquarium

Today I had the most dreaded scenario for any saltwater aquarium… the power went out! This isn’t the first time this has happened and like many aquarists, I just stick my head in the sand and think it doesn’t happen that often, it’ll be fine. I have literally no backup options for my saltwater aquarium … Read more

Best Reef LED Lighting for 2023

If you looking for the best reef led lighting for your lovely aquarium, you are in the right place. On this page, we will give you the best choice to light up the biota in your marine tank. Having the fish aquarium and reef tanks at home (or any other places that you are comfortable … Read more