How Large Fish Tank Sizes do You Need?

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Fish Tank Sizes dimensions
Large Marine Aquarium

If you like to fish, you may have it at home. Fish should not always be put on the pound, but you can also put your fish in the aquarium. The fish tank will also look more attractive so that you can use it as your home decoration. However, you have to choose the aquarium carefully especially for the size. 20 gallon aquarium will not enough for keeping all types of fish. Fish tank sizes can be categorized into three categories. You have to choose it depending on the space of your room and the amount of fish you have.

Fish tank sizes

Small Sizes

If you have a small space and a few numbers of small fish, it will be better if you choose a small fish tank. Small sizes if it has 2.2 up to 15 gallons capacity. The dimensions can be from 12 x 6 x 8 inches up to 20 x 10 x 18 inches. Besides, tank sizes for small capacity can load 3 to 22 pounds for empty weight and 27 to 170 pounds for filled weight.

Mid Sizes

Besides that, you can also consider mid-size. Aquarium sizes with a mid capacity offer from 20 up to 40 gallons capacity whereas the dimensions start from 24 x 12 x 16 inches up to 48 x 12 16 inches. In empty weight, it ranges from 25 pounds to 55 pounds and in filled weight it can be for 225 pounds to 455 pounds. Anyway, these mid fish tank sizes can be your option if you have a larger space and greater amounts of fish.

Large Sizes

If you need to fill your aquarium about 50 to 180 gallons, it means you need a large fish tank. Large aquariums have from 36 x 18 x 19 to 72 x 24 x 25 of the dimensions. Then, the empty weight can be from 100 to 338 pounds, and the filled weight is from 600 to 2,100 pounds. From those sizes, which size do you need for your fish tank?

fish tank dimension

Below are a few of the most commonly found including fish tank sizes or fish tank dimensions (inches).

Tank SizeEmpty WeightFilled WeightL x W x H
2 1/2 gallon3 lbs27 lbs12 x 6 x 8
5 gallon7 lbs62 lbs16 x 8 x 10
10 gallon11 lbs111 lbs20 x 10 x 12
15 gallon21 lbs170 lbs24 x 12 x 12
15 gallon High22 lbs170 lbs20 x 10 x 18
Tank SizeEmpty WeightFilled WeightL x W x H
20 gallon High25 lbs225 lbs24 x 12 x 16
20 gallon Long25 lbs225 lbs30 x 12 x 12
25 gallon32 lbs282 lbs24 x 12 x 20
29 gallon40 lbs330 lbs30 x 12 x 18
30 gallon Breeder48 lbs348 lbs36 x 18 x 12
40 gallon Breeder58 lbs458 lbs36 x 18 x 16
40 gallon Long55 lbs455 lbs48 x 12 x 16
Tank SizeEmpty WeightFilled WeightL x W x H
50 gallon100 lbs600 lbs36 x 18 x 19
55 gallon78 lbs625 lbs48 x 13 x 21
65 gallon126 lbs772 lbs36 x 18 x 24
75 gallon140 lbs850 lbs48 x 18 x 21
90 gallon160 lbs1050 lbs48 x 18 x 24
125 gallon206 lbs1400 lbs72 x 18 x 21
150 gallon338 lbs1800 lbs72 x 18 x 28
180 Gallon338 lbs2100 lbs72 x 24 x 25

*) all size fish tank dimensions in inches

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