Clown Loach Tank Mates and Care

clown loach care

Clown loach or people may say the Tiger Loach is a tropical freshwater fish that usually become the favorite fish. It has become the lovely freshwater fish in your aquarium. The color becomes the beautiful character of the fish. The combinations of these body colors make this clown loach fish look so cute.

If you like this tiger loach, you can take them to your aquarium. But, before you do, you should know about the right clown loach care. Such as other fish, clown loach need takes good care. You can make them feel happy in the tank if you consider about the place, the food, and the right tank mates. Clown loach has a large size. You can see they grow to 20 cm in the length. They need to have the proper place that will allow them to swim freely and active in the day.

Habitat of Clown Loach Fish

Clown Loach comes from Malaysia, Kalimantan, Borneo, and the other island rivers. In the wild, they usually make the migration from the big streams to the smaller streams when the season is rainy. The temperature of the water also influences the migration. The rivers that become the proper place for these fish is the river with the thick flora, slow water flow, and also have the good shadow. It can protect them and make them feel comfort. The right food also makes the clown loach love to get the new place. They need to get the place or the river with the thick flora so they can take the food easily.

How about lifespan? In the wildlife, the Tiger loach can live until 20 years old with the maximal size about 40 cm.

After you know about this fishes, you can prepare the tank with the similar character like in the river for the best Clown loach care. It will make the fish like with the new condition of the water. You can put them in the tank with the thick flora and with the thick shadow. The stream of the aquarium should be calm and make they feel like in the river.

Knowing the beautiful appearance

Clown loach is the exotic animal for your aquarium because it has the beautiful color. The yellow color until the red color with the black stripes is the character of this fish. Three vertical stripes decorate the body. They eyes also have double protection. It will protect them when they life in the wild.

The clown loach can live together with the other kind of fish in the same tank such Kuhli loach, Swordtails, African cichlids, and some tetras. But some of they is not popular because it is not easy to be found in the tank.

The fish ability

The clown loach is a freshwater fish with the unique mouth that will help them to dig the bottom of the water to find the food. It may produce the sound when eating. They also have the body without protection on the skin (without skin scales). You need to consider the health. This tiger loach cannot protect themselves from the toxic when the water contains the toxic substances. You also need to clean the water when you see the water need to be changed. Good mates and care for the Clown loach tank will give the right place for the fish to grow properly.

Tips for feeding

The Tiger Loach is carnivore fish. In the tank, you can feed with food from water plants. Feeding the clown loach is not difficult because actually, they are the omnivore. The common way to provide the food for clown loach is using the dry food. The example of the dry food is Hikari, wafers for the catfish, and the other fish food. The other clown loach food that is suitable for the loaches are the blood worm, brine shrimp, tubifex, and many others. Besides, tiger loach needs to get the food for diet. You can feed them the leaves of spinach, cucumber, lettuce or the special tablets. The snails also can be the right food for them with the high nutrition. It can reduce the population of snails.

The tank care

You should prepare the tank with the clean water. The water that combined with the drugs will make the fish get sick. The fish in the wild can reach the maximal size for the growth, but in the tank, they will get difficult to grow maximally. They may grow slowly because the place will be different with the river. You can only see the maximum size clown loach fish only 20 cm in length. With the right care they will life for the long time until 20 years. You can see the fish growth while you see your growth.

You can put the sand on the bottom of the tank, and you also can put pebbles. The Botia macracantha can covers the bottom. The lighting for the tank will help the flora or the plants grow well. Some plants will be proper for the loach fish such as the Microsorum Pteropus, Anubias or the taxyphyllum. The plants of the aquarium will give them enough shadow for the fish. The condition of the river with the right shadow will make the fish feel comfort and life happily.

Besides, you should change the water once a week, and you need to put the right filter for excellent filtration. The temperature that will be proper for the fish is 24 until 30 degree Celsius. The soft flow water is recommended. The loach fish can live with the other kinds of fishes but do not too much. You can put five species of the different fish in the tank.

Clown loach sex difference

The differences between the female and male fish are difficult to be seen from the appearance. The female fish usually has the round abdomen because there are the eggs. The clown loach with 12 cm for the length is in productive condition.

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