SCA 302 Protein Skimmer Review

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You probably think that SCA 302 skimmer is just the same as other protein skimmers available on the market, but you should know that each device is different. That’s why you can always expect this variant to be quite different from the others. It comes with its own specs and also features that will make sure that your fish tank remains clean and hygiene most of the time. But before you buy the device, it would be wise if you can learn a bit about the protein skimmer in general and its basic functionality.

SCA 302 Protein Skimmer and Functionality

Also known as the foam fractionators, the protein skimmer is used, so the organic compounds can be removed from the water, resulting in the water free from waste and food particles. The device is mostly used in public aquariums and commercial applications (such as municipal facilities for water treatment). Of course, the bigger filtration is used for such big facilities. The smaller proteins are used in the saltwater aquarium or fish tank that is generally placed at home.

That’s the basic function of SCA 302 skimmer, in general. Most homeowners who have fish tanks or collect fish will need a device to make sure that the water is clean from proteins, undigested food, and also fish excrement. These elements are tiny but their impact can be crucial – and also damaging if not properly addressed. If you leave these proteins intact, the numbers of nitrite, ammonia, and also nitrate will increase drastically, causing decay and nasty smell. Moreover, bacteria and parasites love this dirty water rich in protein because they will feed on those proteins. Without the skimmer, your tank will be nasty and dirty, and also a perfect breeding spot for bacteria and parasites and germs.

With the skimmer, there are several benefits to expect. First of all, you can make sure that your fish tank remains clean. Second, you can also prevent the chances that your tank will be the perfect breeding spot for bacteria or any other harmful germs. Third, the skimmer will reduce the numbers of algae, which is also responsible for the murky and ugly water. Four, when the water is no longer murky, it means that more lights are allowed to pass – giving your aquarium a clearer appearance. It is also good for the color spectrum since more natural lights are allowed to enter the water.

About SCA 302 Skimmer in Particular

This is probably a small and compact protein skimmer, but you can be sure that this SCA 302 skimmer is able to perform wonderfully – in fact, the result is pretty satisfying and impressive. This skimmer is designed and made with professional quality, including the laser cut implementation so the assembly process can run smoother and better. This is a new version, with an extra big cup and also a silencer. Just because you are going to have the device installed in your fish tank, it doesn’t mean that you should put up with the noisy operation.

The compact device is quite small in size and dimension, and yet it is able to manage quite big fish tank, about 180 gallons of the saltwater environment. The skimmer works with 2000 Atman pump needle system that will make sure that your aquarium will remain clean and clear. A lot of users claim that the skimmer works like a charm – in fact, the functionality is almost 100% perfect. In just about 12 hours, the skimmer will start collecting waste so you also need to make sure that you clean the device properly. In most cases, you may have to clean it twice a week – or at least once a week.

The specification and features of SCA 302

  • The skimmer is able to collect all the waste and make sure that the water will remain clean and pure
  • The skimmer alone is pretty quiet although you don’t activate the silencer.
  • The skimmer seems to have a powerful ability to clean a big tank. You can expect the water to stay crystal clear without any hint of murkiness

What we liked

  • The skimmer is quiet and it works better than expected. A lot of users claim that they are pretty doubtful about the function and usage of the skimmer, considering that it is less than $200. However, they are proven wrong and the skimmer works great.
  • The customer support is responsive and professional. It is nice to contact them and get the resolutions of some of the problems
  • Customers are given with optional drain hose for their SCA 302 skimmer
  • The skimmer will create a different outcome for your fish tank – you should be able to see it once the skimmer is installed. You will see that your fish tank is cleaner with a better view for the longer period of time

What we didn’t like

  • The SCA 302 skimmer collection cup is quite small for some people. It would be so much better if the cup can be a bit bigger.
  • The cup is rather difficult to remove. If you want to do it, make sure to be super careful about it. Otherwise, the skimmate may be spilled back to the sump
  • The cup is connected to the silencer. If you want to clean the entire lid, you will have to disconnect the silencer. For some, it is troublesome because it adds the extra works.
  • The assembly process can be quite confusing. One solution to it is to find the related videos and get the insightful tips from them – you should be able to find the videos on YouTube
  • The drain hose is pretty short

That’s the basic benefit to enjoy from having a skimmer. But then again, you need to remember that the skimmer alone won’t be able to maintain the cleanliness of your fish tank. You need to contribute to the process too by having a regular cleaning to the skimmer. It has helped you with the waste collection – the only thing you can do is to clean the skimmer. In the overall effect, the SCA 302 skimmer can help with its helpful function but you also need to take part in the process.

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