Top 5 Best Aquarium Chillers you need to consider for 2017

best aquarium chillers 2016

One of the great features, which you need to consider applying it in your aquarium, is the water chiller. The function of it is to beat the heat inside your aquarium. It is similar and has the similar function as the heater, which will beat the cold of the aquarium. In other words, an aquarium not only need a heater but also need aquarium chiller to balance the temperature of the aquarium.

Aquarium chiller are good supplies to meet your fish needs. They are also safe and beneficial for the tank. You can buy cheap aquarium chiller on the market today, of course, the quality of this chiller aquarium meet the requirements of fish owners.

Chiller for aquarium come with thermostat control like a heater (read our post on aquarium heaters here). Its primary function is to cool the water when the temperature becomes too warm for the fish in the tank.

Installing the aquarium water chiller inside the aquarium will be useful to provide the nice place for the fish, biota, and other fishes. But, before you buy and use a water chiller in the tank you should know there are several types on the market today. And commonly found in the market right now is there are 2 types:

  • inline
  • drop it

What is the right type chiller aquarium to install in your tank?

Whichever you choose depends on how it can fit the needs of your aquarium. So, you can choose drop in aquarium chiller if you think your Aquarium system is too crowded. But if you pick inline chiller for your tank, you will go along well with the sterilizer and filters.

There are many choices of the great aquarium water chiller in the market today, and this is the 5-best aquarium chiller for your consideration.

1. AquaEuro chiller – The Advance Choice

AquaEuro chiller Get more details

For the first choice, we have the AquaEuro chiller for you. It is one of the best chillers in the market today, especially for those who want to have the advance choice in their aquarium. People need to know that Aqua Euro is one of the popular manufacturers of aquarium supplies in this matter. By its famous, I am sure that we do not need to ask about how the quality of their product is. Aqua Euro USA Max Chill Aquarium Chiller is excellent because it is not only efficient and reliable but is also using the advanced technology of every kind of product to provide the right function there.

Then, how about the detail of his product? There are several nice features, which can be the reason why you need this great inline aquarium chiller as your favorite. The first is the digital LES monitor there. It will be helpful to show the temperature of the water. In another hand, it is completed with the quite mounts, which will be nice to guarantee the quite operation with zero vibration. Then, a special thing from this choice is it uses ozone-friendly refrigerants, which will be great to increase the use and the function of this matter. Besides that, AquaEuro is that it is cheaper than other brands.

2. TradeWind chiller – Unique Shape

tradewind in line aquarium chillerFor the second choice, we have TradeWind chiller for you. It is one of the best aquarium chillers, especially for you who want to have the stylish design. How can it happen? Yes, it is because this product has the sleek design by its unique shape and the black as the basic color of it. The manufacturer says that it is one of the newest products, and there are some kinds of the advanced technology to maximize the use of it. The electronic control is applied there to provide the easier matter.

Then, how about the other details? The Tradewind In-Line Aquarium Chiller has implemented the built-in sensor there. This kind of the built-in sensor here is very helpful to detect pump failure, and it will automatically shut this accessory to prevent the damaged situation. By this great feature inside the product, aquarists say that this TradeWind is one of the last longer products, which is easy to be maintenance. Well, when you look for the great product, with the affordable price about high in function, I am sure that it can be the excellent choice for you.

3. JBJ Arctica Titanium Chiller – Durability Aquarium Chiller

JBJ Arctica Titanium Chiller Get more details

When you want to have the other advanced aquarium chiller, I am sure that the product from JBJ Arctica here can be the best choice for you. JBJ is known as the one of the good manufacture, which always gives the best options to pleasant their customer. Many aquarists say that the JBJ Arctica Titanium is best in its design and durability. JBJ Arctica Chiller is great to stimulate the natural temperature, which will give the right environment for the biota, coral, fish and others.

Then, how about the features? JBJ Aquarium chiller is the most quietest cooler on the market today and has applied the high-efficiency titanium exchanger, which will provide the high efficiency in the use of it. Moreover, this new technology is also helpful to help saving energy of this product. See, how great it is! However, people need to know that this product from JBJ Arctica is maybe one of the expensive choices with all modern and new features there. It is normal when we want to have the best chiller with the high function. Then, for the warranty, 2 years warranty from the manufacturer will help you to maintain it!

4. Coralife Aquarium Chiller – Famous Aquarium Brand

Coralife Aquarium Chiller Get more details

As we know, Coralife is one of the markets leading manufacturers of premium aquarium supplies products. Here, Coralife Chiller is one of the next choices for you. It can be great in order to normalize the temperature of the water there. When you want to have the exclusive product with the advanced technology, this product is one of the best choices for you. It is not only famous for the brand but also special in the detail of the feature and technology. Also, the price is more affordable than other brands.

Coralife aquarium chiller is very simple to install and maintain includes the reusable air filter. The air filter is easily accessible and can be removed for cleaning. With features titanium heat exchanger which will increase the durability of it, so the owner will have a longer lifespan of it. Suitable for up to 55-gallon capacity its excellent chiller for the small saltwater tank.

5. CoolWorks Microchiller – Small Aquarium Chiller

coolworks ice probe micro aquarium chillerThe last kind of the best aquarium chiller is the CoolWorks Micro Chiller. Yes, it is one of the unique products, especially when you want to have a cool chiller that solves cooling problems for small tanks. The unique shape of this product will be excellent when you want to make it fit with the aquarium. This small aquarium chiller worked perfectly for 10-gallon capacity, and it will be great to cool the temperature up to 6 degrees.

The CoolWorks micro chiller is easy to install, came with the NOVA TEC IceProbe water chiller installed on a filter unit and a power supply. So far most owner happy because it can last a long time.


Well, based on the explanation above, at least we have 5-choice when we want to get the special supplies for the aquarium. Choosing the best water chiller for aquarium will be something great to increase the quality of the temperature there. However, before choosing the kind of the favorite product as you want, it will be helpful when you try comparing every type of the product. I hope the comparison 5 Best Aquarium Chillers here is useful for aquarists to know the pros and cons of each product.

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