Best Aquarium Heater Buying Guide

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best aquarium heater

Heating is a necessity for many species especialy aquarium fish, both in saltwater and freshwater tanks. They need to get the proper external temperature for surviving in the aquariums. Since the aquarium is made by human and not natural, the owners should make more effort to give the proper water temperatures. Therefore, you need to buy the aquarium heater as a way to keep them fine. If you need the best aquarium heater, this article will be the right one to read.

What’s The Best Aquarium Heater Brands?

After I spent hours doing this research, there are several top brands or companies that make the best heater for aquarium tanks. These heater brands are the top rated and most sold heater right now. They are all top brands and many of them are going to do very well. Here the best aquarium heater brands on the market today.

  • Aquatop – Aquatop offers affordable aquarium heaters, from basic analog heaters to advanced digital heaters with dual displays.
  • Eheim Jager – is a German manufacturer of aquarium accessories. And today the EHEIM adjustable heater with modern technology and the latest features. Very precise, easy to use and guaranteed highest quality and safety levels.
  • ViaAqua – Commodity Axis, Inc. is the manufacturer of products for the Aquatic industry base in the United States. Via Aqua Quartz is the new improved version of submersible quartz glass heaters, featuring high quality with a visible temperature readout.
  • Aquaeon – Features a variety of accessories to help keep your fish tank environment clean and healthy. Aqueon heaters introduce the most accurate, reliable, and durable aquarium heater also available in several sizes/wattages to fit any size aquarium.
  • Fluval – Is a world leader in quality aquatic products also reliable technology and great design for over 35 years. A lot of the aquarium products produced by Fluval and one of them is Fluval E is one of the best aquarium heaters.

Top Best Aquarium Heaters Overview

Device NameAvailable WattsFully SubmersiblePrice
Aquatop GH Series 50 / 75 / 100 / 150 /
200 / 250 / 300
Eheim Jager
(Editor’s Choice)
25 / 50 / 75 / 125 /
150 / 300
Hydor Theo 25 / 50 /100 / 150 /
200 / 300 / 400
Aqueon Pro 50 / 100 / 150 /
200 / 250
Tetra HT
(Best Value)
50 / 100 / 200 CHECK ON AMAZON
ViaAqua Quartz 50 / 100 / 200 / 300 CHECK ON AMAZON
Fluval E 50 / 100 / 200 / 300 CHECK ON AMAZON

Tips to Buy The Best Aquarium Heater

One of the difficulties in buying the best heaters for aquarium fish is because there are many choices of the heaters. Therefore you should be careful when buying it. So, here are a few types of aquarium heater that you can buy in the market today.

  • Immersible heaters
  • Submersible heaters
  • Substrate heaters
  • Filter heaters

Each of the types heaters above has different benefits and lacks so considering which one to buy is necessary. With various types, of course, each of them also has different features to help. We will make the features be clearer to help you and other users finding the right one.

Considering the Types of Heaters

– Immersible heater

If you need aquarium heater which is used to heat water temperature in your tank by the direct contact in which a control pad is used to regulate the temperature, actually the one you need is an immersible heater. However, you are required to place the pad in the water, and it will give you difficulty for the proper installation in your aquarium. It may be the reason why it cannot be considered as a popular option in getting aquarium heater item. However, something that becomes the good news is that the heaters become the cheapest tank heaters which are available recently in the market. It can also be a good choice for backup since they are inexpensive and safe to use for certain periods.

– Submersible heater

A common type of fish tank heaters is submersible aquarium heater because they are very cheap and very easy for the installation. And I think Submersible type is as the best fish tank heater today. They are afloat in the water to make it the right heat delivered for the fauna in the tank. However, the drawback of this product is that this heater choice is difficult in heater preparation when a problem happens. Furthermore, because this is one the heaters which are made from glass, it tends to break easily from larger fish attack. One of the heaters with submersible type is EHEIM heater. You can read our best review about EHEIM Jager Aquarium Heater. This article will guide you to consider in purchasing the best aquarium heater device.

– Substrate heater

Based on the name, substrate heater are kinds of heaters which are put in under the substrate, and it will cause no visible tool found inside the tank. They work effectively since they heat the aquarium water more than any other kind of heaters. Another benefit from the heater use relates to plant growth promotion that makes it your ideal choice to grow some live flora inside the tank. Despite the benefits, the heater types are not commonly used since you need to tear down the tank for installing the heater.

– Filter heater

The last type of fish tank heater you can consider is the filter heater. Based on the use, they work to heat water when it comes through the aquarium filter and the placement is within the filters. That’s why no equipment is put inside the aquarium tank, causing it more attractive for many users. It can also be your ideal choice for any larger tanks containing a large amount of water.

The Important Things in Buying Aquarium Heaters

EHEIM Jager the best fish tank heater

There are many aspects you have to know in choosing and buy the best fish tank heater for your fish. Actually, it relates to what do you expect for your tank to determine your choice. The aspects you have to see include the type, placement, price, quality, longevity, and the heater size. Now, we will talk first about the type of heater. In choosing the best heaters for aquarium tank, you have to get it from one of the four types of them: immersible, submersible, substrate and filter heaters. Each of the heater models is compatible based on some conditions, so the usage of them determines the right choice.

1. Types of heaters

Now, we will talk first about the types of heaters. In choosing the best heaters for aquarium fish, you have to choose from one of the four types of them: immersible, submersible, substrate and filter heaters. Each of the heater models is compatible based on some conditions, so the usage of them determines the right choice.

2. Placement

The next point in choosing the best heaters for aquarium fish is the placement inside the aquarium. You have to determine whether the heaters will be placed in the middle of the tank or on the end of the tank. In this consideration, you can get a heater with an appropriate size such a mini aquarium heater. However, there is the best spot you can place the heater. It is close to the inflow of water or the outflow of the water because the water will be heated uniformly in this way.

3. Easy to maintain

Another aspect of appropriate buying is about how easy to maintain the heater. Either cleaning or maintaining becomes harder than you can think and the heater has the same reality about the difficulty in maintaining and cleaning. That’s why we recommend you to buy heater giving you a lot of ease in cleaning and maintaining. Besides, you have to think about some additional features you will get from choosing the heater product. You need to buy aquarium heater bringing special features like a temperature scale or a thermometer equipped with the heater. The best fish tank heater will help you provide certain temperatures which are strictly maintained in a certain range. Exactly, the control of temperature is very important for any fauna in the tank which is temperature-sensitive.

4. Heater size

Since the aquarium is available to find in certain sizes, choosing the proper size based on your need is very crucial. For example, you have to choose one of the tanks depends on the temperature, size, and water volume in the fish tank. In figuring the size, it is better for you to start it from the right temperature subtraction based on the temperature which is required. Afterward, determine the tank size and you will find it easier after doing the previous measurements. Generally, a heater with a 50-watt aquarium heater for each of 10 gallons should be used for delivering five degrees of heat. Surely, you will need more heaters if you have larger tanks and place heater on one of the tank end. It is conducted for ensuring whether the water inside the tank is evenly heated.

Here the ratio between heater wattage and aquarium size.

WattageAquarium Size
25 Watts up to 5 gallons.
50 Watts up to 15 gallons.
100 Watts up to 40 gallons.
150 Watts up to 50 gallons.
200 Watts up to 65 gallons.
300 Watts up to 100 gallons.

5. Price

The last aspect which is also significant in determining your choice for the best heaters for aquarium fish is the cost. Because the heater is available at various prices, it means that you should provide a suitable budget before going to buy aquarium heater online in the market.

Our Recommendation

If you want a powerful heater for an aquarium with the cheapest price, submersible heaters will be your best to choose. That’s all about the guide in buying the best aquarium heater for your fish tank. We hope you will get the right one which is suitable for your need.

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