Bubble Magus QQ1 Nano Skimmer Review

Bubble Magus QQ1 Nano SkimmerYou probably think that all protein skimmers are just the same, but not with the Bubble Magus QQ1 which can deliver satisfying outcome without you having to spend extra or compromise the quality of the device. According to many users, this skimmer is pretty compact and yet, it is able to deliver a top-notch quality and cleaner end result. When compared to other more powerful and also more expensive products, this one is able to deliver the same quality performance – even better. It is no wonder if this skimmer is considered one of the best for cleaning out your aquarium and making sure that it stays hygienic most of the time.

The General Facts about Protein Skimmer

If you have never had reef aquariums before, protein skimmer may not be familiar to you. Well, a protein skimmer has a rather complex operation. But in short, it is a device that collects waste and protein matter. You see, when you have reef aquarium, your fish and coral will produce waste materials whether it is the poop or another excrement. If their number is a lot, it can affect the growth of the algae which causes the aquarium to smell bad and to create the murky water. In short, without the protein skimmer, your aquarium will be dirty fast and it affects the overall appearance of everything.

Having the skimmer will maintain the look and beauty of the aquarium – and you don’t have to clean the aquarium so often. Let’s say that you usually clean your tank once a week. If you have the skimmer, you only need to clean it once every two weeks. Saves you a lot of time and efforts, huh? And this Bubble Magus QQ1 will definitely help improve the efficiency.

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The Bubble Magus QQ1 Quality

With a total dimension of only 4.4 inches in width, 5.8 inches in length, and 10.5 inches in height, this skimmer may look smaller and more compact than the other big and bulky skimmers. However, it is the power that determines the quality performance of an item – not the size or dimension. It is rated for 25 gallons of the tank with SP600 Rock pump ability. Glass thickness is around 12mm so it is pretty well constructed and designed – it is not a thick glass and yet it is not too thin either; just the right size. A lot of people say that the device is more like a skimmer than the power filter. The design is made by hanging on the side of the aquarium which will improve the efficiency and effectiveness.

This Bubble Magus QQ1 is coming with a needle wheel pump of 8.5W that can function in two ways: it will draw water in and then mix the incoming water and also air into the frothy mixed result. Basically, the skimmer will make sure that it is able to collect waste and tiny particles so the water will remain clean. Despite the size, this device is pretty powerful and the price is quite nice. You can spend less than $100 and make sure that your aquarium remains clean and pristine. And the cool thing about this skimmer is the technology and features. The machine is compact enough, and yet it is still able to include a bubble diffuser as well as the air silencer which improves the operation of the device.

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A lot of users claim that the device is perfect enough for the small and medium aquarium, considering the size. The skimmer can be attached to the bigger tank but you will have to use another (and more powerful) skimmer. But for the right tank and the right dimension, you can expect this skimmer to perform its function at the highest level.

What we liked

  • The skimmer is able to perform a reliable work with the very minimal hassle and fuss
  • The skimmer is quiet but people have different opinions about it. They can still hear the sound but not to the point of being obtrusive. However, some people don’t really hear it at all. It probably depends on the construction of the room and the possible echo reflection
  • The operation is pretty simple. Once you let the cup being adjusted, you can always expect the device to run just perfectly and flawlessly. For this matter, Bubble Magus QQ1 is promising and reliable
  • The design is nice and it is able to attach just perfectly without extra installation or such thing alike
  • The device works fine. It is able to collect skimmate right away – once it is activated, the collection starts.

What we didn’t like

  • For some users, they will have to trim the tank’s rim so the skimmer will fit just nicely. You may want to look into the tank’s rim so that you can be sure that it will fit nicely
  • The skimmer doesn’t really function well. Don’t see enough skimmate on the device, which is too bad because the aquarium is murky and dirty, and the skimmer doesn’t really work to the promised feature
  • Pretty noisy and loud.

Do You Need the Skimmer?

If you have the aquarium, do you always need the skimmer? Well, that depends on your personal preference and like, really. If you own the aquarium for aesthetic reasons (to show off the rare fish, to enhance the fish’ natural beauty and look, to boost the beautiful and unique colors of the coral reefs, and such thing alike, you may need the skimmer. You can be sure that your aquarium will have a longer lasting clean outcome with the skimmer. But it is crucial that you CLEAN the skimmer so the skimmate can be removed. The collected waste, after all, isn’t a pretty sight to see.

In the overall run, the skimmer can be super handy for your operational outcome of the aquarium. If you want to maintain the cleanliness of the aquarium for a longer time, use this skimmer. In the event you are interested in this Bubble Magus QQ1, learning its benefits won’t harm you so you can learn the benefits before buying one.

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