Affordable Aqueon Evolve 8 Desktop Aquarium

nano tank aqueon evolve 8 review

Adding kind of aquarium as the accessory of home decoration is one of the nice ideas to do. We all know that the type of aquarium will be important to increase the beautiful look of our room decoration. In the market, there are many sets of the aquarium with the different specification and detail, which can be your choice. One of the nice ideas in choosing the desktop aquarium starter set is Aqueon Evolve 8. Here, we will review some details of it to give the consideration for you all before you decide it as one of the best nano fish tanks for your home decoration.

Aqueon Evolve 8 Review

Before reviewing the detail of the of the Aqueon Evolve 8 nano fish tank, let us read the description of it. This aquarium is one of the sleek choices when people want to renew the look of their room decoration using the aquarium as the object. How this Aqueon Evolve 8 can be a nice product? Something that people need to know here is that the manufacture of this aquarium uses the fired acrylic as the basic construction of it. It is kind of the modern construction of aquarium, which will give beautiful look and durable matter. By the use of this material, people will have the modern style of the nano-tanks.

In another hand, to add the aesthetic value of the aquarium, this desktop aquarium applies the beautiful and seamless design. People can see the detail of conception when they face this aquarium. There is a combination between simple and modern in the appearance of this aquarium. The simple design of this tank requires the modern look and the modern look will renew the old aquarium. The beauty of this aquarium is also increased with the use of seamless design. With this design, I am sure that people may face the real condition of beach in their room!

Features and pros Aqueon Evolve 8

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In choosing the desktop aquarium, one of the consideration from the people is the kind of its feature. Of course, the types of the feature of the aquarium will influence the use of the aquarium and also the look of it. Then, what are the features of this great Aqueon Evolve 8? Here, this tank applies some kinds of the features in it, which will be a great matter to increase the use of this aquarium. Now, let us see some details feature of this nano tank, which will lead you to know that it is one of the great aquaria to be applied at your home.

The first feature is the integrated Quite-Flow power filter. We are all aware that filter is one of an important matter of aquarium. The function of the filter is helpful and essential to keep the clean of the water inside the aquarium. What makes the filter inside this aquarium special is the Quite-Flow technology there. It is one of the superior and modern technology of filtration to keep the silence of the filter so that there is no noisy, which will disturb the people, especially when the people want to stay behind the aquarium.

The second feature of this aquarium is the wet or dry biological filtration. It is one of the excellent filters inside the aquarium, which can be something great to increase the function of the filter. The filtration system of the Aqueon Evolve is kind of sump refugium filter system, where a filter partition inside for handle the chemical and mechanical filtration. This filtration will be great to keep the good condition of the biological plant inside the aquarium. This filtration is also easy to be cleaned, so people will be easy to maintain it.

nano aqueon evolve 8 gallon tankIn other hands, this desktop aquarium also applies the Evolve LED aquarium kit adjustable lighting for the next nice feature of Evolve 8. This one of the great features to increase the beauty of the look of the aquarium. We all know that the LED lighting there will show the bright of the aquarium, so people will be able to see the well condition of their aquarium. Here, this LED is nice because it can be easily adjusted in daylight and moonlight. Of course, people also need to maintain the condition of the LED to keep the function of it. The little Aqueon LED light also perfect for growing low light freshwater plants such as Anubias and Cryptocoryne, but it can grow little algae, but you can prevent this by put one of the algae eating fish.

The cons

After seeing some kinds of the pros and features of the aquarium in several reviews as above, now let us see the cons of it here. Seeing the cons is also important to make the comparison before choosing. Then, what are the cons of this desktop tank? The first is the size of it. I am sure that in the market, there are many kinds of the aquarium, which can be chosen with the different size. However, the manufacture here only produces the small size of the aquarium. It doesn’t matter when you want to place it as a desktop aquarium.


Based on some details as above, Evolve 8 is base in 10 gallon aquarium categories, and we can see that this desktop aquarium actually is one of the great choices for nano fish tank. We know that the Aqueon Evolve 8 has complete features there. At just $50 to $100 for the Aqueon Evolve range, these are some of the most affordable price and widely available nano aquariums we’ve ever seen. I am sure that it will be the great accessory to beautify the room decoration at your home.

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