Aquatop Cf400UV Canister Filter Review

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Aquatop Cf400uv Canister Filter

Do you want to have a great canister filter for your aquarium tank? Well, we know the filter what you need that will be helpful to keep good condition of the water inside an aquarium. Today, there are many canister filters for the aquarium with a different style, specs, and brand. Of course, each type of canister offers some different qualities and uses. One of the great filters which can be the best choice for you is the Aquatop cf400uv. Aquatop filter is one of the modern aquarium filtrations, especially when you want to renew the look of your aquarium.

aquatop canister filter

What’s Included on this Aquatop canister filter:

  • Canister with UV sterilizer
  • 3 media trays
  • Filter media (bio balls, filter floss, activated carbon, coarse sponge)
  • Spray bar
  • Intake and outflow
  • 2 green plastic hoses
  • Quick release valves
  • Manual Instruction

Aquatop CF400uv Review

Now, let us see the description of this Aquatop filter. Knowing the description of it is important in order to know the detail of the product before you decide it as the filter you need. As I have said before, Aqua top CF400uv is one of the good filtrations to be applied to your aquarium. The use of the filter here is to clean the water inside your aquarium. By filtering the water, people will be able to have the clean aquarium, and it is good for the health of the fish, biota, coral, and others, and it also will be great to maximize the growth of it.

In this fish tank filter, the manufacturer applies a simple dimension 16 x 10.5 x 10.5 inches with 12 pounds in weight. So, with these dimensions, we can know that actually, the size of this Aquatop filter is very compact. It will be great to be applied in the medium tank but I think it will be not appropriate when we place it in the small aquarium because the comparison between the sizes of the aquarium with the size of the Aquatop filter is not balanced.

Also, the Aquatop cf400uv have 12 pounds in weight, that’s why I said that this filter is not good for a small aquarium. However, besides its dimension, it has a great feature and great design. The special matter in its look and function will cover the cons of its dimension. Now, let us see the detail of Aqua top features below.

Pros and feature of Aquatop cf400uv

aquatop cf400uv stage canister
3+1 stage filtration system

In this occasion, we will talk about some kinds of advantages and the feature of Aqua top product. Of course, talking about the kinds of the pros and the feature of the product is important before you decide as your favorite filter. Here, the first special thing about this product is the UV sterilization on it. The manufacturer applies the UV sterilization in the package of this product, which will be nice to provide the crystal-clear water. Of course, it will be great to increase the quality of the water inside your aquarium.

In another hand, to maximize the use of it, the canister has a convenient self-priming pump. It is also one of the individual matter as the new feature of this product. By the use of the self-priming pump, people will have more optimal use of the filter so the cleaning of the water can be maximized too. How can this filter maximize the cleaning of the water? People do not need to worry because here, the cf400uv has applied the 3+1 stage filtration system, which will be nice to provide the clean water inside your aquarium.

Another special matter of the great Aquatop cf400uv, which can be the reason why you need to choose it, is the ability of it. This filter is also powerful in its performance. In this case, the manufacturer says that in filtering, this product is able to filter up to 370 gals per hour. See, how great it is! Then, how about the capacity of this filter? The owner does not need to worry because this canister will be good to be used in the tank up to 125-gallon in capacity. It means that it may cover some kinds of the aquarium in your home.

The last matter, which in my opinion, it is also one of the special things of this option, is the energy of it. We may see in the market that the powerful filter needs more energy to maximize its performance. It is different with this product because it only needs 9-watt in energy – including the UV sterilizer. It means that people do not need to worry because it only needs low power in operation. In another hand, the extremely quite filtering technology applying there also will increase the use of it. There is no noise, which will disturb people in operating. And the most interesting is the cheap price as advance canister filter today. The price for Aquatop cf400uv very affordable for a canister that includes with a UV sterilizer and other advanced features.

Cons of the product

For making a good comparison, let us also see the cons of this product before choosing. We all know that the awesome Aquatop cf400uv has the great features – as I have said in several paragraphs above, which can be the great reasons to choose it. However, there are still some cons of this product to be considered. The quality of materials less good compared to other fish tank filters. Because the plastic connections can break easily when hooking up spray bar.


By several explanations as above, we may see that this product is one of the great fish tank filters, the filter is inexpensive, it’s quiet, and very affordable especially when people want to have the advance filter to clean their aquarium. The kinds of modern features inside the Aquatop cf400uv can be a specific reason why this product is powerful. However, people need to consider the material of it before choosing. Well, you can add this product to your new wish list. Don’t forget to check the availability of it before buying.


  • Overall design is compact
  • 3+1 stage filtration system
  • Inexpensive and affordable as advance canister filter
  • Complete with UV sterilizer
  • Very quietly
  • Self-priming push button pump
  • Easy cleaning features


  • No handles on the canister
  • Standard quality material
  • Poor manual instruction

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