Betta Tank Mates in 10 Gallon Aquarium

betta tank mates

Betta fish has aggressive fishes so you must consider the best mate for bettas to life in one similar tank. To keep in one community tank is not as easy as you imagine because there are a lot of factors you have to notice in choosing Betta tank mates. Through this article, we will help you by giving a reference which is useful for you who want to add other fishes to live together with your Bettas in a 10-gallon aquarium.

Betta Mates Based on Male and Female

Keeping two or more Bettas in the same tank is not recommended because Betta fish is often to have some violent contacts with one or more other bettas. However, to keeping in 10 gallon tank you have to consider the rules. First, it is about two male of bettas living in one similar tank which is supposed as a poor decision. In wildlife, the one losing in the fight will be forced to accept defeat and retreat for safety. Adding a male Betta when there is also another male Betta will make a battle until the other bettas die. Thus, forget your plan to have two male of bettas in one tank.

Keeping two betas in which both of them are female in the same 10 gallon aquarium is the possible option for you. Especially, it can be realized when there is sufficient space giving them ease in moving around and hiding when needed. You can consider it as a good idea to add a female Betta for the existing betta, particularly if for or even more bettas are living in the same 10 gallon tank. However, there is another possibility about the aggression from them so you need to safeguard for that.

Female betta usually avoids living with male except mating. However, a male will seriously injure the female or kill them when living in the same aquarium the general suggestion is to abandon such type of group as well as any other Betta community within your tank.

Betta Mates with Different Species of Fish

Many people who like betta fish tend to keep different species of fish within their 10 gallon tank. While having more Betta in the same aquarium will not always be your good idea, there is a big question whether the bettas can coexist with other species in the same tank without any risk of harassment and aggression. Fortunately, it is possible. Here we will show you some species having a high opportunity to live peacefully with bettas in the same tank.

Ember Tetras
Ember Tetra Fish

If you want to add Betta tank mate with different species, consider Ember Tetras. They are great choice to keep living with any bettas you have because of their submissive and peaceful nature. They are not familiar to be fin nippers so it is absolutely an extra advantage. Tetras fish suitable for water conditions which are similar and the environment where Betta is living. They also have dull color making the perfect for the cohabitation with some vibrant bettas. They are very fast and tiny, so your Betta doesn’t have any opportunities to catch them.

The other fish to consider living together with your betta fish is Harlequin Rasboras and Loaches. They can be the perfect mate for your Betta due to many reasons.

ramshorn snail-algae eater

Snails are the species which can be kept safely in the same aquarium as the mate of your Betta due to their strong shell that protect them against hungry or curious fish. Keeping some snails to live with your Betta has a great option because they can be as algae eaters and excellent scavengers while they take so little space. Ramshorn snails become the special one which is suitable because this snail only grow up to an inch based on the length and they have very attractive patterns. The important point you have to note is that treating your Betta with medicine that contains the caution of copper use should consider that any snails are so sensitive to the use of it.

red cherry shrimp

Cherry shrimp brings translucent bodies that mean they will be difficult to be seen by your betta. Although shrimp are commonly used as food type for aggressive fish, they will give a good addition to the tank. Because they take so little space, you will be able to keep five shrimp in 10 gallons. The great advantage of adding shrimp as your Betta mate is it brings many benefits for your aquarium.

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