Best Reef LED Lighting for 2023

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If you looking for the best reef led lighting for your lovely aquarium, you are in the right place. On this page, we will give you the best choice to light up the biota in your marine tank.

Having the fish aquarium and reef tanks at home (or any other places that you are comfortable with) is definitely a privilege, so it doesn’t hurt to know which reef LED lighting would be best for your needs. Unfortunately, not many reefers really understand the important role of the lighting – thinking that any lights will do. If you want to enhance the beauty and the artistic appeal of the reef, it would be crucial to pay attention to the smallest details.

Knowing the candidates of the lights and what technologies to expect can really make a difference in the total outcome and result. So, this is the 5 best choices of reef led lighting for your reef tank.

Best Led Lighting for Reef Tank

1. Current USA – Orbit Marine LED Light

current usa orbit marine aquarium led lightYou probably don’t think that lights can play a crucial role for the reef tank, but if you choose the right lighting, the result can be marvelous. This best reef LED lighting can help you save a lot of money, it will also affect the overall performance of your tank. This is the kind of light that will deliver more bright colors – without making it look cheesy. It is able to enhance the natural colors and enhance the brightness. Current USA Orbit Marine aquarium led light can deliver a wider spectrum of the color, decorating the entire appearance of the tank and also your fish.

A lot of users claim that the colors aren’t only bright, but it has this nice shimmering effect. The brightness is comfortable for your eyes so it isn’t obtrusive or annoying. In the overall end, the light is able to create a flawless color combination – with the nice balance of the bright and low lights. The coolest feature about the light is the easy installation and automatic setting. Current USA Orbit Marine will be coming with a remote and you are free to set it up in a different mode – such as cloud cover, dusk, or lunar. Your fish tank will never look plain or boring anymore. You can even imitate the effect of dim moonlight, slow sunrise, dimming sunset, and bright daylight. Don’t you think it is awesome?

What we liked

  • The soft effect lights, this one won’t disappoint you at all
  • The dimming feature is quite nice because it is easy to set up and also control
  • The colors are nice and they can produce the beautiful result

What we didn’t like

  • The lights can be too bright and it can’t be reduced – no matter how hard you try
  • After a while, some of the programmable features will start to diminish and fail, which can be restarted again. But then again, it means that you need to reprogram it again and again, and it can be difficult if you are super busy
  • Some of the features can’t be adjusted

2. VIPARSPECTRA with Timer Control

VIPARSPECTRA Timer ControlThis is one reef light with the latest technology that will create a balanced PAR coverage and output. This aquarium light allows you to set up the setting and have an automatic outcome. You can automatically turn on and off the lights easily and in a separate manner. There are other features that are pretty handy, such as the dimmable ability. It can be adjusted to individually separate two different channels of brightness. If you are looking for a new type of lighting exposure, with the right amount of light and brightness – and yet you don’t want to be too intense, VIPARSPECTRA would be the perfect option.

If you are still doubtful about the positive aspects of this reef LED lighting, don’t be. A lot of users claim that they had been doubtful about the overall functionality of the light but they are glad that they had changed their mind. You can use the white or blue light if you want to achieve a bright setting. This reef light offers the automatic as well as manual operation, so in case the automatic feature is off, you can always use the manual one.

What we liked

  • The light is able to penetrate into the water quite well
  • Setting up and programming the whole thing is super easy, even if you don’t have any past experience at all

What we didn’t like

  • The manual doesn’t really work so it is a disappointment. The same problem goes with the timer too
  • Some users experience faulty after several months of use
  • The brightness affects the growth of the algae, which can be fast than the usual

3. OceanRevive Arctic t247 120W Reef Light

ocean revive arctic t247 120wWhether you have a fish tank with either saltwater or freshwater environment, be sure that this reef LED lighting will be perfect for your needs. Although it is designed mostly for reef fish and soft corals, it also works great for marine aquatic use, marine organism, and also the various aquatic ecosystem. The OceanRevive Arctic t247 reef light may look simple but it comes with nice technologies, such as full spectrum blue and controller TWO channels. It does come with its own hanging kits and supporting brackets, making it perfect for all kinds of tanks. It is able to penetrate into the water, creating a nice and ambiance atmosphere not only in the tank but in the surrounding setting.

What we liked

  • The installation is easy and simple, even if you don’t have any previous experience at all
  • The light is bright and yet not obtrusive or annoying
  • The light is quiet and calm, there is no noisy operation or such thing

What we didn’t like

  • It doesn’t come with sunset or sunrise feature, which is too bad because it would be a perfect completion
  • If you set it the wrong way, the outcome can be too bright – far too bright for your like.

4. Phlizon Full Spectrum 165W LED Light

Phlizon 165W Dimmable Full SpectrumThis is the type of full spectrum light, including the purple, white, red, blue, and green light. Each of the light has their own benefits. The UV blue spectrum is great to promote defense system and mechanism for plants, while the red and white are great for supporting growth for the coral reef. The purple can be used to protect the fish growth as well as sterilizing the environment. Unlike other lights that are designed for decorative purpose only, Phlizon Full Spectrum is designed to promote the entire tank’s ecosystem’s health and well-being. Moreover, this is the light for both seawater and freshwater setting.

Phlizon Full Spectrum comes with double dimmer settings, whether you can increase the intensity or reduce it. The dimmer is also great to imitate both night and day setting, so it is super flexible. No wonder if this light is included within the list of the best reef LED lighting. Feel free to adjust the setting – whether you want to promote the growth of fish and reef, or you want to reduce the growth of the grass.

What we liked

  • The light can last longer than the regular ones
  • The two options of bright and cool lights are handy, and they are also attractive for the tank
  • The price tag is super nice and the value is worth it

What we didn’t like

  • The lights are quite loud

5. Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue – LED Controllable Light

If you want to have a simple reef LED lighting that doesn’t require a lot of setting or tweaking (not to mention that you don’t want to deal with complicated design or whatsoever), Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue would be the best choice. The light is pretty compact and yet it is super handy. One of the things to like about this reef light is the shimmer ability, creating a marvelous and beautiful effect on water.

This one produces less green or yellow light spectrum – which is less than the traditional ones. It may cause the light to look less bright to the naked eyes, but it is able to reflect on the higher actual light energy output. As the result, these lights are reflecting the natural lights and enhance it to the highest level, creating an artistic and marvelous outcome for your tank. Let’s not forget that this light is highly adjustable and customized. It is also quiet and smooth, and you can expect a long lasting operation with this aquarium light.

What we liked

  • The light has this nice shimmering effect on the water
  • The light is able to directly hit objects inside the water, resulting in the fish and plant look standing out in the water. Most users claim that the LED technology is more usable in this construction because it hits directly on the underwater objects
  • The noise isn’t as loud as other competitors
  • The size is compact and slim enough, perfect for a small tank

What we didn’t like

  • It may not be as bright as other lights, but it is definitely targeting the right purpose and objects underwater

Final Word

In the overall results, all of these reef lighting systems can create marvelous and impressive results for your marine tank. All of the products featured here have the greatest functions and benefits, although you should also be prepared for some of the flaws. So, consider it before buying the best reef LED lighting for your tank.

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