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best fish tank stand

On this page, We will help you to choose the best aquarium stand for your setup ranging from 5 to 90 gallons. So, which stand is right for you?

You must be feeling an unstoppable desire to rear fish pets around your home or workplace. However, without creating the best environment for your lovely fish, you might end up making their life miserable.

Aquarium stands are strong and non-staggering structures that hold the delicate fish tanks securely in place. With the right fish tank stand, you can be sure of not only the safety of your fragile fish tank but also the priceless fish pets and plants residing in the tank.

In this post, we focus on helping you make an informed purchase decision before setting out to get an aquarium stand from the currently flooded market.

We have taken our time to handle and analyze most of the available models. With that, we managed to select the top 10 best aquarium stands in the market. We did not stop there. We have gone a step further to prepare in-depth, independent, and unbiased reviews of this top-rated aquarium stand.

Beyond the reviews, we present you with aquarium stand purchasing tips; of great help especially to newbies in the fish pet-keeping arena.

Top 10 Best Aquarium Stands

1. Aquatic Fundamentals Mixed Media Series Black Stand – 55 gallons

Aquatic Fundamentals Mixed Media Series
  • Ready-to-assemble construction for increased stability and strength
  • Sturdy construction with high-grade MDF of medium density
  • Double storage shelves and sufficient space for home decor
  • Requires some assembly

Anyone looking for a versatile, classic, and high-grade aquarium stand will always end up at the Aquatic Fundamentals Mixed Media Series Black Stand for 55 gallons. It’s a unit whose innovative and creative construction makes it undeniably worth the cost.

This stand is made of high-quality, Fiberboard MDF of medium density. With an MDF aquarium stand, you can be certain of its overall strength and water resistance, thereby guaranteeing its durability and accurate performance.

Its ready-to-assemble construction ensures its stability and improved strength through the use of all-metal locking assembly fasteners.

Even more, the Aquatic Fundamentals Mixed Media Series Black Stand comes with a solid top that provides superior versatility to other stands that feature lip-only construction.

Therefore, you can always be certain of your tank and pet’s safety when placed on this sturdy stand. It will hold a fish tank of up to 55 gallons in capacity.

Your space’s elegance is bound to move a notch higher with the elegant black theme that comes with this unit.

Apart from your fish tank, this unit also offers extra space right underneath its top to let you add some spice to your home or office decor with a flower vase, pottery, or other artistic pieces.

Also, there are two shelves with doors at the bottom left and right which allow you to store various items including fish supplies.

This is a great wood aquarium shelf for those looking for a versatile unit without having to break the bank.

2. Caitec Bird Toys Double Aquarium Stand – 75 Gallons

Caitec Bird Toys Double stand 75 gallon
  • Sturdy construction-holds up to two 75-gallon aquarium tanks
  • Powder coated body resists rust and water damage
  • Compact design
  • Requires some assembly
  • Quite pricey

With a metal aquarium stand from the CAITEC line of innovative pet structures, you can be sure to have an amazing fish pet-keeping experience. They have been in this arena for more than two decades, providing pet owners with high-grade, classic, and affordable pet structures.

This unit is constructed with your satisfaction as the core goal. We were amazed by its strength. It comes with the power to hold an aquarium of up to 110 gallons on its top shelf. Again, it features a bottom shelf that can also hold a similar or smaller fish tank simultaneously. However, we noted that when holding two fish aquariums simultaneously, this stand wobbles a little which is not a very great idea. Therefore, we recommend the use of this unit to accommodate a single, large-capacity fish tank.

The powder coating on its entire body allows it to resist water and rust damage thereby improving its durability.

The Caitec Bird Toys Double Aquarium Stand requires minimal storage space when out of use thanks to its small size, measuring 50-1/2″L x 36-1/2″H x 18-1/2″W.

Some little assembly is necessary before using this metal aquarium stand. Fortunately, no tools are required for the assembly, and you should manage to assemble it in minutes.

We recommend the use of this right aquarium stand at any place including your home, office, lab, or even classroom; It will deliver its core purpose without fail.

3. Aqua Culture Deluxe Aquarium Stand – 55 Gallons

55 gallon tank stand
  • Accommodates up to 55-gallon aquariums
  • Concealed storage for your items like pet supplies
  • Moisture-resistant, powder coating in its door, base, and top
  • Reversible panels let you choose black or cherry color to suit your decor
  • Assembling its top is quite demanding

After analyzing this aquarium stand, we were confident that this is one of the products in this category that could serve you without disappointment. It’s a product by the re-known Aquaculture Company; a stand that we could hardly find a reason to complain about.

This unit is built to accommodate most aquariums up to 55 gallons in capacity. It’s made of high-grade, genuine wood, a material that signals much about its quality and durability.
The hinged door on this unit covers a concealed storage that will let you secure various items including fish supplies.

For those with small fish tanks of less than 55 gallons, you will have extra space on the top of this stand to place your home décor or photos.

A moisture-resistant powder coating is applied to this stand’s door, base, and top to ensure it withstands any moisture that falls on this stand.

The Aqua Culture Deluxe Aquarium 55 Gallons Stand is sure to complement your home or workplace décor thanks to its reversible panels that allow you to choose either black or cherry color.

Lastly, this wood aquarium stand assembles easily. However, its top is usually challenging to put in place. You might need to seek some help from a friend.

This is a stand with a rare build. You can be sure to reap maximum benefits from it.

4. Imagitarium Preferred Winston Tank Stand 29 Gallons

29 Gallon Tank Stand
  • Solid, genuine wood construction
  • Moisture-resistant, espresso stain finish
  • Adjustable shelves for convenient storage
  • Raised feet for convenient aquarium display height
  • You will have to put it up together yourself

This is yet another good aquarium stand by the IMAGITARIUM Company. It’s a sign that this manufacturer is dedicated to supplying fish pet lovers with the best accessories to practice what they love without limits.

It is used with fish tanks of up to 29 gallons in capacity. The Imagitarium Preferred Winston Tank Stand features a solid, genuine wood construction for improved strength, stability, and durability.

Again, its elegance is enhanced further by the espresso stain finish. It complements a vast range of home decor in a unique way. Even more, its finish is moisture-resistant for lasting durability.

This fish tank stand features two doors. Inside it, are adjustable shelves that provide convenient storage for various items such as fish supplies, and chemicals, among others.

Its raised feet guarantee its safety from spilled water and provide a practical height for an excellent display of the aquarium.

We recommend this unit for people with fish tanks of up to 29 gallons in capacity. It’s bound to serve you without disappointment.

Some little assembly is necessary before utilizing this stand.

5. Fluval Nano – The best 10 gallon fish tank stand

Fluval Nano Tank 10 gallon Stand
  • High-quality, natural oak construction
  • Suits use vertically or horizontally
  • Easy assembly
  • Requires some assembly
  • Lacks bracing to improve its stability and strength

When it comes to equipping any of your spaces with unique and classic elements, you will never do it better than with this high-quality, natural oak fish tank stand. The Fluval Nano Tank Stand is a unit whose construction material offers it a superior rank.

It features a simple but classic design. This unit comes with the ability to hold a maximum of one 7.9-gallon or 30L fish tank. It offers you the option to position it horizontally or vertically. It works best with but is not limited to the Fluval Nano Aquariums. Its height is perfect to let you watch and feed your fish pets comfortably. It measures 12.5″L*12.5″ W*22″ H.

Assembling this unit is a Blizz. You should manage to set it up in minutes.

The only issue we could raise about this unit is the absence of bracing to prevent it from bending to the left or right whenever you accidentally push it while carrying out routine operations. We advise its users to add some sturdy deck screws to offer this best aquarium stand some additional strength.

When used vertically, this aquarium stand will serve you in the best way. We recommend it for holding small fish tanks not exceeding 30L in capacity.

6. Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand – 29 Gallons

Imagitarium Brooklyn 29 Gallon Metal Tank Stand
  • Durable steel construction
  • Adjustable feet for accurate leveling before fitting the tank
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Available in a broad range of sizes
  • Requires some little assembly and leveling before introducing the tank

Among our top ten best aquarium stands is this product by the IMAGITARIUM Company; a well-known and trusted aquarium stand manufacturer.

Several features of this metal fish tank stand led us to trust its capabilities. It’s made of solid steel, a material that guarantees its strength and durability. It will withstand various depreciating factors like rust. Apart from the durable construction material, this unit is ultra-sturdy. We were impressed by its stability and firmness.

It’s built to accommodate a 29-gallon fish tank comfortably. You are bound to love its adjustable feet that will allow you to level this stand appropriately before introducing your delicate fish tank.

The fact that this aquarium stand features a sleek, modern design allows it to auger well with most home or workplace decors in a unique way. Its black matte finish speaks loudest about the manufacturer’s dedication to building an aquarium stand that matches your style appropriately.

What’s interesting, this stand is not limited to a particular fish tank size. It’s available in a broad range of sizes. Therefore, you can be sure to get a size that matches your tank in the best way.

We recommend the use of this unit with a terrarium or aquarium. It will spice up your fish pet’s environment in an amazing way.

7. Altra Flipper Wood Aquarium Stand – 10 Gallons, The Best for Small Fish Tank Stand

Altra Flipper Wood 10 gallon Aquarium Stand
  • Patented design-supports 10 or 20-gallon aquariums
  • Durable construction from laminated MDF and particle board
  • Open bottom and top provide room for displaying your home decor and photos
  • Requires some assembly before use

The Altra Flipper Wood Aquarium Stand is a unit that ranks in its class. Other aquarium stand manufacturers are having a hard time while striving to beat the innovative design featured in the making of this one-of-a-kind unit. In fact, this is stand boasts being the #1 bestseller product in this category on most online markets.

It comes to you in an attractive black theme. We were amazed by the fact that this unit, despite its small size, manages to accommodate either a 10 gallon or 20-gallon aquarium, all gratitude to its patent design.

It features a unique construction from laminated particle board and MDF. The building materials guarantee its quality and durability.

Even more, this aquarium stand, beyond being versatile, brings you an open top and bottom, thereby providing you with a convenient and creative means of displaying your photos or other pieces of home décor.

Like most of its competitors, this unit also requires some little assembly before use. We highly recommend this aquarium stand. It will provide you with excellent value for its affordable cost.

8. Imagitarium Newport Wooden Tank Stand – 20 Gallons

Imagitarium Newport 20 Gallon Wooden Tank Stand
  • Clean, modern design
  • Sturdy wooden construction
  • Adjustable, leveling feet with nylon floor protection
  • Available in four different sizes
  • Extra shelf space for your preferred use
  • Requires some assembly before use

This is just another wooden aquarium stand by the IMAGITARIUM manufacturing that has been received warmly on the market. It’s one of the finest quality fish tank stands that we have come across so far.

It’s constructed from rare wood species, a factor that sets it apart significantly.

Also, we were impressed by its nylon leveling feet that allow you to set this unit in the most appropriate and firm position before introducing your delicate aquarium. Even more, the feet feature protective covers to prevent floor scratching.

It’s built with the capacity to hold up to a 20-gallon aquarium comfortably.

What’s interesting, this aquarium stand provides you with extra 2-3 inch shelf space at its top and bottom ends. The added space could be useful in helping you display your home décor or add some spice to your aquarium with some photos.

Again, the shelves could serve as storage for the fish supplies.

Overall, this stand is sturdy, elegant, and durable. It’s definitely worth its price. You are bound to love its beautiful dark brown color that will match your home décor in the best way.

Worth mentioning is that this unit is available in four different sizes. So, ensure that you go for the size that fits your fish tank appropriately. It’s worth buying.

9. Aquatic Fundamentals Upright Aquarium Stand – 75/90 gallons

Aquatic Fundamentals Upright 75 gallon fish tank stand
  • Dense fiberboard construction
  • Water-resistant powder-coated finish
  • Metal to metal locking cam assembly
  • Sleek, modern design
  • No shelf division in the stand
  • Requires some assembly

Talk of class and art; the Aquatic Fundamentals Upright Aquarium Stand brings out a whole new definition of art in an amazing way. It’s one of the highly-sort aquarium stands for its creative design.

You will find no better way to showcase your beautiful rectangular aquarium than this stand.

We were impressed by its top-quality features. It’s built from a dense fiberboard which is improved further by a black powder-coat finish for moisture resistance. Its black theme allows it to complement any home décor amazingly.

Furthermore, this 75-gallon aquarium stand features a metal-metal locking cam assembly for unquestionable stability and strength. Again, high-grade fasteners are used instead of wood screws to ensure the durability of this unit, while serving you in the best way. Its top is also ultra-solid guaranteeing the safety of your fish tank.

You are bound to love this stand’s sleek and modern design. It will accommodate aquariums of up to 90 gallons comfortably.

Its two doors are also great. You can add some shelves inside this unit to hold various items like fish food as it comes with no divided compartments.

10. Aqueon Forge Aquarium Stand – 20 Gallon

Aqueon Forge 20 gallon fish tank stand
  • Holds up two aquariums simultaneously
  • Durable steel and wood construction
  • Rust-resistant powder coated finish for optimum durability and elegance
  • Available in a broad range of sizes
  • Requires some assembly

In matters of creativity and innovation, AQUEON is a hard-beat company. The Aqueon Forge Aquarium Stand confirms that this manufacturer settles for nothing less than quality. We were impressed by the overall design and development of this aquarium stand.

What sets this unit apart from other best aquarium stands on the market is its ability to hold up to two aquariums simultaneously. Its users, therefore, enjoy a performance advantage. If you have two aquariums of a heavy-weight model, this is the perfect stand to purchase.

It’s constructed from durable steel. Therefore, you can be certain of its strength. Even more, the entire build is finalized with a rust-resistant powder-coated finish that not only makes it elegant but also ensures its durability.

This stand can assume two colors; black or light brown thanks to its reversible wood panels. The color difference aims at helping you get a stand that matches your décor in the best way.

Apart from holding a second aquarium, the bottom shelf can be used to showcase your fabulous home décor. The bottom shelf is easily accessible thanks to the flipping wood panel. We appreciate that this unit assembles easily in 7 easy steps.

Finally, the Aqueon Forge Aquarium Stand comes is available in several sizes including 20×10, 24×8, 24×12, and 30×12 (all sizes in inches). You can be sure to find a size that fits your fish tank in the best way.

How to Choose Your Aquarium Stand

Getting the best aquarium stand for your setup is not a walk in the park. It’s a process that requires a lot of research and comparison before arriving at the right product. Whenever you set out to buy a fish tank stand, you will need to keep various critical factors in mind that will influence your choice. Below, we discuss the key factors to consider when buying an aquarium stand.

Build material for your aquarium stand

The first factor to consider when purchasing your best aquarium stand is the build material. The quality of the material used to construct a given fish tank stand is one of the primary determinants of its strength, stability, and durability. Some of the best materials used in the construction of high-quality fish tank stands include steel and genuine wood. Avoid stands made of fragile metals like iron or weak wood. The more fragile the construction material, the more susceptible is stands to various depreciating factors like rust and moisture.

The assembly

It’s advisable that you go for a fish tank stand with a metal-to-metal locking cam assembly. This way, you will be guaranteed its strength, stability, and durability. Avoid aquarium stands assembled using glue and weak screws, that will start wobbling within the first few days of use. Again, it’s wise to ensure that the assembly is done by a professional. This will help you avoid messes that might result in you destroying your entire aquarium.

Moisture resistance

Despite being constructed from high-grade materials, an aquarium stand that doesn’t come with a moisture-resistant, powder-coated finish could still get damaged easily. Therefore, you should ensure that your preferred unit features a moisture-resistant finish throughout its body. The finish improves the durability of the stand further.

How big and heavy is your aquarium?

The size and weight of your aquarium will determine which stand you need, among the best choices available, to select. Ensure that you purchase a stand that will hold your aquarium comfortably and securely. You should confirm the maximum aquarium capacity and size that can be accommodated by a given stand before purchase to avoid later disappointments.

Your decor

If you love maintaining a stylish appearance in your home or office space, then it’s critical to consider the color of your aquarium stand. Ensure that you purchase a stand whose finish complements your home décor appropriately.


It’s our hope that, through this post, you can now head to the market to purchase a high-quality aquarium stand that marries your prospects in the best way. Take your time to analyze the featured products in this post before deciding on the best stand for your aquarium. All the best!

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