Best 55 Gallon Aquarium Stands 2023

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55 gallon tank stand

Designing and installing aquarium is a decisive hobby for most people these days. The reason is that the more aesthetic our aquarium, the comforter home we would have. An aquarium is a place where we can see many fishes and other exciting moments with our family. But, the problem comes when we have to decide the best gallon aquarium stands. It can be tricky if you know how to manage the right stand. On another hand, it is also difficult for beginner aquarium designers. Don’t worry about that because we have the best 55-gallon aquarium stand products that can be your reference during your indecisive moment.

This list helps you to choose the best stand for your aquarium. Of course, you will get much information from the experts and professional brands that are really getting into this hobby. You don’t have to think hard except reading all paragraphs, and everything you should know will come into your head as soon as you finish reading this article.

Best 55 Gallon Stand & Cabinet 2023

These aquarium stands will suit with any type and size of your aquarium. Ensure you have ordered the right and suitable aquarium stand.

1. Imagitarium Brooklyn

Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Stand View on Amazon

  • Easy Installation
  • Extremely Sturdy Construction
  • Stylish Design
  • Adjustable feet of leveling
  • Unevenness of incorrect welded

The Imagitarium Brooklyn may be your first-place 55 gal aquarium stand to be considered here. With four ratings on Amazon, it proves that consumers are satisfied with this simple but sturdy aquarium stand. The main reason why you should choose this stand is because of its cheap price and solid construction. You will have a very sturdy stand for your aquarium with its solid steel construction. In addition, some reviewers have said the strength of its durability.

You won’t have much worry to adjust the leveling of the fish tank because Imagitarium Brooklyn owns adjustable feet to make the users easier to level the aquarium. Then, you have many options before adding the tank with this special feature. Many tanks don’t easily fit with the height of their stand. But, this standalone stand is different. You can adjust the level as you wish.

The sophistication also comes from its black finish. It suits with any color and type of your aquarium. The manufacturer offers a various number of sizes based on your needs. Hence, it would become the perfect match of your tank. So, this stand is for you who look for a cheap stand but still offering the best quality.

2. Aquatic Fundamentals

Upright Aquarium stand View on Amazon

  • Sturdy construction
  • Moisture Resistance feature
  • Elegant black finish with moisture resistance
  • The base isn’t too firm

This is another best-quality aquarium cabinet that also offers much satisfaction to you. The rectangular design will be easily fit with your rectangular aquarium. Moreover, the material is solid so that you can expect durable stand in your home, especially at its solid top. Its solidness is very beneficial to be your aquarium stand. Solid aquarium stands will provide sturdy constructions for your home interior.

The next thing that you can rely on the Aquatic Fundamentals is the powder-coated finish. According to the manufacturer, this black aquarium stand is strong with its moisture resistance. This feature will add the durability of the stand. In addition, there is also a feature called metal-to-metal locking cam. It helps you to get sturdier construction and stabilize the stand.
The style uses versatile and contemporary designs. It will be nice if your interior or aquarium owns contemporary frame and theme.

3. Caitec Double Aquarium Stand

Double Aquarium Stand View on Amazon

  • Price is affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Simple design
  • Able to carry two tanks
  • Its simplicity makes it wobbly

It is kindly hard to find practical aqua stand as same as the Caitec’s double aquarium stand. You don’t only place one aquarium tank here, but also two tanks in one 55 gallon fish tank cabinet. If you have the space problem, it will be solved easily with this double aquarium stand. This flexibility is the main reason why you must choose this tank. The price is also cheap. If you don’t believe it just check it by yourself.

The manufacturer says that the stand is designed with a powder-coated finish. The durability is yours now, but it isn’t the only benefit here. For your information, this finish will prevent dust and water to damage your tanks and its stand.

You can save much place or area with this aquarium stand. You can’t imagine how effective this stand is especially for those who have the minimalistic interior. To use this stand, you should place a tank on the top shelf and another tank on the bottom shelf. You can check the dimension details on the page. You can choose this stand as your best option when it comes to the amount of space of your house.

4. Aquatic Fundamentals Mixed Media Series with Storage

55 Gallon Black Stand with Storage View on Amazon

  • Classy designs with black elegant color
  • Easy to assemble
  • Additional storages are very helpful
  • So Heavy for some reasons
  • No Moisture Protection

This product is another stand that becomes the top pick among the customers. They are really satisfied with the additional storage. You don’t only have a fish tank with stand, but also with storages. Its black color is the characteristic of elegant interior. The metal-to-metal locking can provide stronger strength for this stand. You don’t need to add additional fasteners anymore.

The main material of this Aquatic fundamentals mixed media series is called Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF). In other words, MDF is an alternative of redwood that is more expensive than MDF. In addition, this kind of material is able to be painted or stained as well as wood material.

Overall, this Aqua Fundamentals aquarium stand is good enough to bring more storage in your living room. Although the MDF isn’t as durable as the wood material, you can still make more attractive with new paint or color (if you just hate black). You shouldn’t worry with its weakness on the material because the metal-to-metal locking is very useful to add more strength.

5. Aqua Culture Deluxe

Aqua Culture Deluxe View on Amazon

  • Special protections add extra points
  • Concealed storage
  • Easy to build
  • Reversible panels bring more aesthetics
  • No Adjustable feet of leveling

Quality is the best friend of humans. This Aqua Culture Deluxe really knows about bringing quality to your aquarium tanks. This tank is the best 55-gallon aquarium stand for some reasons. The first reason is the extra protections such as moisture resistant and powder coated top, base and door. It doesn’t only support the durability, but also increase the look and design of the tank and the stand. Secondly, you are able to use extra storage located behind the hinged door. This feature brings more flexibility to your house and interior.

You are able to consider which color that may be superior by changing the reversible panels. Although it may sound difficult, a certain user said there easy to assembling of this product. There are lovely colors on this stand, cherry and black colors. You shouldn’t need to think hard anymore in choosing the best aquarium stand for your house. This one is what you are looking for now.

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the best aquarium stand is like choosing the bride for your own self. The stand is an important part of the aquarium, and this hobby won’t be complete if you don’t have some considerations in your head. Here are some elements that you should consider when picking a 55-gallon aquarium stand.


Check your wallet firstly before everything. Generally, there are two types of aquarium stands that you may find on the store. They are iron and wood materials. Iron represents the strength, while wood represents the cheaper than iron. But, MDF is the best alternative material for both. In addition, it is inexpensive but it is weak against moisture. Considering the material of the stand will help you to find the best stand for your budget.


Space is the next thing to consider when it comes to picking an aquarium stand. You may have much budget, but the remaining space of your interior doesn’t provide the large and wide stand. The stand with concealing storages is the answer. Once again, the material owns much responsibility to this factor. Iron stand tends not to bring any cabinetry. On other hands, wood and MDF always come with concealing and hidden storage.


Iron stand isn’t as cheerful as wood or MDF stand. Wood comes with many finishes plus additional protection such as moisture resistance and powder-coated board. You can rely on wood finishes to add more characteristic to your aquarium.


Above of all, the stability comes to an important part of the. Your tank won’t be well managed if the stand doesn’t provide enough stability. This issue usually comes to wood or MDF stand. An iron stand brings metal-to-metal locking cam to get better stability. If you have children or pet in your house, the aquarium stand must be stable and strong.

Assembling Method

The easy-to-assemble is the best for an aquarium stand. Your aquarium stand is useless if you can’t assemble them.

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