Penn Plax Cascade 1500 Canister Filter Review

cascade 1500 canister filter

If you have an aquarium, you always have to maintain it. You have to make sure that the water is always clean. It is impossible to replace the water every day. So, you need an aquarium filter.

Aquarium filter is a device that functions to filter the water in the fish tank. So, the water will always be clean, clear, and not muddy. There are many aquarium filters you can buy in the market today. One of the best options is Cascade 1500 Canister Filter. If you want to know its review, you need to pay attention the discussion below.

Feature and Techs of Cascade 1500

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This canister comes with many sophisticated features & techs. One of the most interesting features offered is media trays. The media trays have a large capacity. Besides that, it is also stackable. So, it allows this aquarium cleaner to be used for multi-stages of filtration. With multistage filtration, the result will be better. So, your aquarium will have much cleaner water, and the fishes will be healthier. Therefore, you do not need to replace the water too often.

This fish tank screening device is also featured quick and easy push button primer. So, it is very easy to be operated, and everyone can use it easily. The push button primer also makes it simple so that you can use it quickly by pushing the button. Then, Cascade 1500 Canister filter features also offer 2 independent rotating taps. The rotating taps are designed with 360 degrees rotation. This feature eases you to use this filtering device. Anyway, these functions are very useful.

The next feature is shut off valves. The valves relate to the flow rate. It functions to adjust the flow of water. So, the water will flow consistently. With consistent flow, the water will be healthier that makes the fishes and plants are healthier, too. Besides that, this feature is also very helpful because it makes this fish tank cleaner easier to maintain. The adjustable design does not require you to adjust the water flow. So, it helps you to maintain your aquarium wholly.

The Great Performance Provided

Cascade 1500 Canister aquarium filter can be used not only for fresh water but also salt water. So, it is appropriate for any type of water in your aquarium. Whether you have sea fish or freshwater fish in your aquarium, this filter will be suitable to be applied. It also relates to how much water in the fish tank. This aquarium filter is able to handle up to about gallons of water effective and efficiently. This can provide up to 350 gallons per hour of flow. Of course, it is an excellent performance, is not it?

Besides that, it is also able to combine various types of media to deliver biological filtration, chemical, and powerful mechanical. So, it can make the water in marine or fresh environment much fresher and cleaner. The result is very satisfying. Besides fast process, the result will also be durable. It means the cleanliness of water will last longer. You can use various combinations of media such as activated carbon, bio sponges, bio floss, and others with many filtration needs. The effective filtration makes the water of your fish tank free from the muddy look. That is why Cascade 1500 Canister fish tank filter is recommended for you.

Cascade 1500 parts

It is also easy to install. You can read the instruction included in the box when you buy it. It can also connect to your fish tank fast. Then, it can start to filter the water of your fish tank in about a half hour. After that, you can see the improvement soon. You just need to push the primer button to start filtering. You can also adjust and set it up quickly because of the swimming pool style of hose clamps and control valves of flow rate.

Cascade 1500 also comes with cobalt blue that makes it look very attractive applied next to your fish tank. Besides that, it is also designed with hard rubber mounted for the tip proof rubber that functions to keep it in place. Then, it also has pumps that come with big filter trays, input & output tubing, and start up media. The big screened trays mean that you may use more various media & also have a longer time for the replacement. Besides, it is also very quiet when filtering. Overall, Cascade 1500 Canister filter performance is satisfying.

The Pros

If you buy this aquarium canister, you will not be disappointed because it offers many benefits. One of them is the easy prime where you just need to push the button for about five to ten times, and then it will start working. It will be faster and provide the better result. Besides that, it also offers simple setup so that you do not need to work too much. Then, the price is also affordable compared to other options. The affordable price also becomes one of the reasons why people buy this. Lastly, people also like the quiet filtering so that it does not annoy everyone around it.

The Cons

Almost there is no contra about this aquarium cleaner. In fact, the review above shows that it is very satisfying. So, it is recommended so much for you. However, there are many cases that this filter of the fish tank lasts after 2 months of use. However, it depends on how you use it. If you apply it rightly, it will last longer.

From the discussion above, it can be concluded that this Cascade 1500 is very powerful. Even though some cases show that it is not durable enough, it does not mean that the quality is doubted. It depends on your use. Fortunately, it is covered with a good warranty. So, you can claim it if there is something wrong as long as the condition is included in the warranty coverage.

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