Penn-Plax Cascade 1000 Canister Filter Review

penn plax cascade 1000 review

There are a lot of different aquarium filter systems out there, but Cascade 1000 Canister Filter is considered as one of the best for many reasons. Sure, you can choose many different filters that you want, but choosing the right one will ease off your maintenance schedule and your caring burden. You won’t have to struggle hard with the long cleaning process.

The Big Fuss of Filtration System

You are probably wondering, what’s the importance of knowing the right aquarium filtering system. So, you are thinking about having fish as a pet, and yet you are totally new to this. As a beginner, it is important for you to know some of the basic stuff. For instance, you should know what kind of fish you want to have along with the right fish tank size. Fish tanks come in various sizes and designs, and they have different functions and usages. If you choose the right size, not only it will help with better organization of the fish, you can also have easier maintenance and care.

Besides the types of fish and the fish tank, you should also think about the filtration system. A lot of people would neglect this aspect, but know that fish tank filter is crucial, not only for the fish health but also for their lives. If you carelessly choose the wrong filter, or you don’t care about the filtration, system, it is most likely that your fish will suffer the consequences. So, don’t be selfish and put your fish’s well-being into your priority list.

The Importance of Fish Tank Filtration System

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All fish tanks will come with their filter system although it is possible for you to replace them later. The filtering system is designed to remove decayed organic matter, dangerous chemicals, excess food, free floating particulate, and also the fish waste. Fish will continuously excrete waste as they swim, resulting in water murkiness. When the waste isn’t removed from the water, the toxins (remember that all waste products contain toxins) will build up. Ammonia stress is the first stage when the toxins are starting to pile up. The fish will be stressed out because of this. When it has reached a dangerous level, it is called ammonia poisoning. You don’t want your fish to get sick or die from consuming their waste, do you?

The Many Good Features of the Filter

First of all, this filter system comes in the form of a canister, which means that you can have efficient cleaning procedure. Since the filter has its pump and pressure, water intake, and spray for water return. When compared to other filters, the canister type is considered the best one because of the included elements. Not be surprised if it is classified as the best external filter today. Since it is using its pressure method that will ‘force’ out the water through a particular media to filter the small particulate or element, the result will be much cleaner water condition and surround. And the system can work on its own. Once it is installed in your fish tank, you can leave it. Let it do its job automatically without you having to break a sweat. You only need to deal with the cleaning later on; at least, do it once a week.

Second, Cascade filter suitable for the saltwater filter that can be used for big size fish tanks. Not only it deals with overall cleaning, but it will also filter out chemical and mechanical waste at the same time. You know how difficult it is to find a reliable filtration system for large size tanks because some filters just don’t work well in bigger size tanks. They mostly do well in small tanks, but once they are installed in big tanks, they can’t perform satisfying work. Well, you won’t find such issue from this filter because it will only work smoothly.

Another good thing about this filter is the fact that it is an external system with heavy duty arrangement. It has modern technology with an easy implementation that will make your fish tank clean, healthy, and also safe for the fish. As it was mentioned before, it can be used for big tanks with more than 100 gallons. The system alone can pump around 265 gallons of water per hour, which will ensure the perfect cleaning result. The filter has its two different trays whose function is to perform chemical and mechanical waste removal. The filter may be made of plastic (for the easier handle and use), but it is pretty robust and sturdy; not to mention also light. If you look into the detailed specs of the filter, you should also see that it has a motor head for water pumping, an integrated ring for better and fitter security, and also four locking clamps that will secure the system well.

If you want a crystal clear result, you should use this filtration system. It is a device that can perform three different filtration systems through biological, chemical, and also mechanical filtering. The floss pad will strain the fine particulate while the activated carbon media will flush out the impurities and toxins from the water.

The Basic Features

When you choose this Cascade 1000 canister filter, here are some of the essential features that you will like best:

  • Quick and easy push button for self-primer
  • 265 gph (gallon per hour) for big size aquariums that can hold up to 100 gallons
  • Alignment clamps that are easily lifted for easy and quick opening
  • Filtering media
  • Significant capacity of the filtration trays
  • Two different and independent valve taps with 360-degree rotation for easier setup
  • Filter base with tip proof and rubber feet for secure and better placement

The Basic Specs

You can also expect these from your filter:

  • Bio sponge, bio floss, and activated carbon media
  • Three-year warranty with limited manufacturer warranty
  • 6 feet of power cord length
  • Total dimension of 8 inches in length, 11 inches in width, and 14 inches in height
cascade 1000 canister filter
Penn-Plax Cascade 1000 Canister Aquarium Filter

Verdicts and Reviews

There are different reviews and opinions about this Penn-Plax Cascade 1000 filtration system although the positive reviews exceed the negative ones. Most of the users are happy with the high-quality design and construction. Some of them have had the system for more than five years, so it is a worthy purchase for them. When it comes to the quality and performance, this device is one of the best.

Most of them like the fact that the system can deliver the crystal clear result. They can be sure that the water won’t be murky or dirty for at least a week, giving their fish tank a flawless appearance. Not to mention that the system is easily cleaned and maintained. Other users like the fact that the system is pretty robust and yet soundless. You know how annoying it can be when you have a good-quality system that produces quite a loud noise. For some people, it may not be a problem. But most people don’t like the noisy buzzing sound. If you want a device that won’t give you a headache while giving you a worthy bargain with the inexpensive product, you can turn to this canister.

Be advised, though, that not users are lucky enough with this system, in terms that they have a bad experience with it. Some users claim that the parts aren’t that high in quality because they rust quickly. The rusty screws easily break, and they can’t find the replacement parts. Some users complain about the plastic spring that is easily broken when it is oxidized. The beginning should be made of stainless steel, which is more durable as well as comfortable for the care and maintenance.

All in all, you have a pretty clear idea of how the filter system is; how the performance and also the possible flaws. Will you buy it for your fish tank needs?

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