Finnex Ray 2 Aquarium LED Daylight Review

Finnex Ray 2 LED Daylight

Aquarium is one of the most beautiful accessories for home interior. You may apply aquarium in your living room, bedroom, family room, or any other room in your home. The living fishes become a great view that makes your home feels more exciting. However, maintaining aquarium is not as simple as you imagine. You may need to buy some accessories. One of them is daylight. It functions to provide light so that the aquarium seems lighter and the fish will be healthier. In this case, I suggest you to consider buying Finnex Ray 2. For more detail about it, you can see the following review.

Finnex Ray 2 Features and Techs Review

Different daylights come with different lamps. So, the quality is also different. Fortunately, it comes with LED lamps that can provide high-quality lighting. It will also not danger the fishes so that you can turn it on all day you want even more if you apply your aquarium in a closed room that is a lack of light. The LED is designed with an ultra slim size and shape that makes this Finnex Ray2 daylight look very beautiful and simple to install.

Still related to the LED lights, this daylight comes with dual strips of LED lamps. Of course, it can provide the brighter light compared to one strip lamp. With double strips of LED lamps, the light can spread to the aquarium wholly and evenly. Based on the function, it is appropriate for daylight. Comes with 7000k, this is powerful enough for your ideal aquarium. In fact, it offers more than 40,000 hours lasting. It shows that the LED is very high quality.

Finnex Ray2 Design Review

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Talking about the design, it looks small and thin. It can be seen from the dimensions below. The length of this daylight is 30”. For the width, it comes with 3” whereas the height is 1”. With this small and thin design, it looks very attractive to be applied on your aquarium. It is also appropriate for small, medium, or large aquarium you have. This Finnex Ray design also makes it easy to install and remove. In addition, it is also moisture resistant. It purposes to protect unexpected thing such as water mishaps. So, it is very durable.

Still related to the design, this applies a leg fixture that looks unique. It allows the light of LED to mount on different sump setups and sized aquariums. To extend the longevity of LED bulb, the boards of circuit come with aluminum that is high quality. Then, the fixture functions as the sync of heat. It allows dissipation of superior heat and ample cooling. Users have some options for 48”, 36”, 30”, 24”, 18”, and 16” fixture. You can choose based on your aquarium needs. Overall, the design is satisfying. That is why many aquarium lovers like this aquarium led light.

Finnex Ray2 Performance Review

When talking about performance, it relates to how the LED light provides excellent and enough lights for your aquarium. Comes with a series of high quality and intensive PAR LED, it is suitable for freshwater and marine growth. Besides that, 1/10 power value of the standard is incandescent lighting & equivalent to 3 T5 bulbs. Then, it also features Dual 450465nm of high intensive strips of led light that is very powerful. Overall, the performance is undoubted and can meet your aquarium needs.

FugeRay vs Ray 2

Finnex Ray2 Power Input

Before you apply this Ray2, you have to make sure that the power input you use is right. From the box, you can see the instruction. It says that the power input appropriate for this product is AC 110 V to 240V. For the power output, it requires DC 15V. Then, it also comes with ideal wattage that is 20w. With the right power of input, output, and wattage, it can provide the bright lights perfectly.

Length High Output LEDs LEDs LED Type Wattage
16 Inches 7000k/ 7000k 88 3014 9W
18 Inches 7000k/ 7000k 144 3014 15W
24 Inches 7000k/ 7000k 192 3014 20W
30 Inches 7000k/ 7000k 192 3014 20W
36 Inches 7000k/ 7000k 288 3014 29W
48 Inches 7000k/ 7000k 384 3014 39W

The Pros

There are many reasons why people like this aquarium daylight. The first is related to the performance. It can provide very bright lights so that it is effective to light up your aquarium. Anyway, performance is everything. Besides that, the design is also very attractive. Besides the interesting look, the small size makes it easy to install and appropriate for any size of aquarium. Then, the affordable price also becomes a good benefit of this product. Even though the price may be different from one store to another, it is still reasonable. And you may find other advantages of this product.

The Cons

However, you should also know that there are some cons about this product. The first is that it does not offer moonlight. Moonlight is very useful for a night light. However because it is designed for daylight, no moonlight offered is reasonable. Besides that, there are also no reds in this Finnex Ray2 product. There are only whites offered for you. However, it is enough for this moonlight. That is why this product does not offer reds.

That is all the review of this daylight product from Finnex. In conclusion, it offers an ideal design that makes it easy to install and appropriate for any size of aquarium. Besides that, there are also some techs and features including LED lamps and remote control. That is why the performance is very powerful that can provide bright light during the day. Even though it does not offer moonlight and reds, what it offers can meet your aquarium needs. That is why it is recommended for you who have aquariums at home.

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