EHEIM Jager Aquarium Heater Review

submersible EHEIM Jager best aquarium heater

Having an aquarium is very enjoyable. One of the most beautiful tanks is a saltwater aquarium. However, it needs some maintenance ideas to keep the quality of the water so that the saltwater fish will also live healthily. There are many ways that you must do. One of them is to keep it warm. To realize it, you need a tank heater. Today, you can find many aquarium heaters for saltwater in the market. I suggest you to use EHEM Jager aquarium thermostat heater. It can be considered as the best aquarium heater where suitable for salt water because of some reasons. To know more about it, you should follow this article.

Description of EHEIM Jager

EHEIM Jager is one of the best options of saltwater aquarium heater that you can buy in 2016. Please refer to this guide article for buy aquarium heater. Eheim Jager comes in different variety powers. They are 25 watts to 300watts. So, you can choose it depending on your need. This product comes with a slim design so that it is very portable. The compact design also eases you to store it safely especially when making maintenance care of your aquarium. It has a high quality to keep your saltwater tank warm for your fish in it.

The Design of EHEIM Jager

This product looks really good. So, everyone will be attracted to this Jager heater. It also comes with long cord. Besides that, it also applies a handy lamp. It functions to show whether it is on or not. The handy lamp also has a run waterproof light protection. This protection can prevent the dangerous situation such as the cracked glass. Overall, the design is not only attractive but also handy. That is why it still be considered for the best aquarium heater recommended for you to buy.

Still related to the design, this product is made from the glass material that is shatter proof as well as shock resistant. So, it is very durable. That is why this can be considered as one of the most recommended options for best durable aquarium heaters. This shatterproof and shock resistant glass will be very appropriate for either marine or freshwater tank. Then, it also comes light in weight because it only weighs about 1.2 pounds. Therefore, this product is very portable that will be very easy to move and bring.

The Performance of EHEIM Jager

It belongs to the most powerful aquarium equipment today. That is why many people agree that it becomes the best aquarium thermometer to buy. This product is suitable for fresh and salt water and able to keep your tank at 80.6 degrees of Fahrenheit. It is equivalent to 27 degrees Celsius. This temperature is very good for you aquarium to keep your fish healthy. Even more, it also offers the consistency of performance. It means this heater is able to keep the warmness of temperature consistently. This consistent performance becomes the consideration why people consider this product.

The Features of EHEIM Jager

There are many features applied by this best saltwater aquarium heater. The features will support in heating the water. One of the best features implemented is Thermo safety control. It belongs to the security feature of this thermostat product. This feature functions to protect the water from running dry. So, it will keep the volume of the water in your tank as well keep it warm. Therefore, it becomes a very powerful feature as aquarium thermostat heater.

Eheim Jager Get more details

Besides that, this product is also featured with TruTemp dial. Not all aquarium heater have this feature. So, this is one of the features of the best feature offered. This feature will be helpful to recalibrate the product for the right temperature regulation. So, when the temperature is lower, this feature will work to recalibrate the water temperature so that it will be warm again.

There are still some benefits features applied. One of them is on/off indicator lamp. Actually, it belongs to the standard features for some product. This on/off indicator light is the function to monitor the heating process whether it works or not. So, you know if the product runs well or not. That is the importance of this indicator lamp feature. Anyway, you can notice at a glance when this saltwater tank thermostat is on or off.

How EHEIM Jager Thermostat Heater work

Different thermostat product comes with different performances and works. This heater is fully submersible when to warm the water in an aquarium. However, another product is not fully submersible. In this case, EHEIM Jager Thermostat Heater works by fully submersible. Of course, this fully submersible product will provide the better result so that it can keep your saltwater fish tank warm all day. Therefore, it is reasonable to be one of the best saltwater aquarium heater that recommended today.

Besides that, this tank thermostat will work efficiently. It can be seen when it keeps the water at a certain warm temperature, it will turn off automatically if the saltwater level dips for too low. Because it turns off automatically, the energy will be saved so that it is more energy efficient. Therefore, the cost you need to spend will also be lower. Eheim Jager prices are under $50. Many people are interested in this product because of the efficiency or other benefits. Anyway, it becomes a good choice for you. But before you buy this equipment, as you know this Eheim heater have different sizes. So, fist you must know what size of your tank to consider what Jager sizes will suitable for your aquarium. Below is different Jager sizes table comparison.

Power (Watt) Tank Capacity (US Gal) Length (Inch)
50 15 gallons 9"
75 26 gallons 10"
100 39 gallons 12"
125 52 gallons 12"
150 79 gallons 13"
200 105 gallons 15"
250 158 gallons 17"
300 264 gallons 19"


Eheim Jager very steady temperature meanwhile maintains a very constant temp without stressing. Easy to use with a compact design and completely submersible feature. With indicator lamp and Thermo Safety Control feature, also is suitable for fresh and sea water tank make this supplies as the great aquarium heater. Besides that, the cost for this submersible aquarium heater, jager prices is reasonable certainly less than a Fluval E.


While this equipment using high-quality glass, it’s still a glass heater and no have guard available for them. It’s mean that glass can break anytime, so maybe you need some guards protect for this issue.

Is EHEIM Jager Thermostat Heater is Appropriate for You?

This product is suitable for you if you need a product with the protection of run dry. It is also good if you look for an accurate heater that allows small temperature changes and offers recalibration. So, if it is appropriate for your need, it will be a good idea to buy it because it is considered as the best aquarium heater.


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