Eheim Canister Filter Review – Classic Series

Keeping clear appearance in the aquarium is important for aquarium lover. You will not be able to do without specialized equipment. Therefore, you need to get the best aquarium filter for making that appearance comes true.

Eheim canister filters the most interesting water filter among other canisters because there are many good advantages which are rumored from this filtration. From the craftsmanship and the quality of the materials, most of them are reliable in quality and durability. If you feel that you need to know more, now I will mention its details for you know.

EHEIM Canister Filter Classic Series

Before we talk about its details, you should know that this canister is favorable among many users. The features and the quality are good and reliable in all classes. Most of the materials have built from the solid materials. The finest materials can last for a long time and are resistant to heavy contacts. This is one of the promising parts from this canister. Now, I will mention more about the greatness through its details in this discussion.

What You Get from Eheim Classic Canister Filters

eheim classic 250 part
EHEIM classic 250

There are some kinds of equipment’s when you buy this Eheim canister filter. First, you will surely get the body of this canister which becomes the primary tools for cleaning water tank. Then, you will get spray bar, hose, inlet pipe, and accessories for installing this external filter. Those combinations will make a perfect which is practice and easy to be used. The numbers of equipment which are given are plenty, so it is much beneficial compared to other products of canister from other brands like Fluval 06 Series. Eheim is one of the advantages which are acquired from this good canister.

The Features of the Eheim Canister

To start the talk, here, the first real feature which is giveheim classic part listen is the canister sponges. Filtration sponges are excellent because it provides maximum cleaning capability to this product. The sponges work with the high absorbing power which makes the debris attached to it strongly. It provides nice cleaning moreover against the large debris. It attaches to the sponges strongly and when the debris has reached its peak in the sponges, you can clean it easily with water in a basket or bowl of water. This comfort for cleaning makes people get less troublesome work.

The motor which is installed in this Filter Eheim Canister is powerful motor too. It is one of the most recommendable canisters for its power of absorbing water and cleaning it thoroughly. The motor provides a good absorbing process which will produce the maximum flow of water. It will give flowing water effects which are very reliable. It seems like the aquarium will feel like a river. Stream water or freshwater fish are good to be featured with this product. The speed of the flow also increases the quality of oxygen better Moreover when it set in waterfall output.

Loose Filtration media also installed in this product. These loose Filtration media are great media which are placed separated from each other. These filtration media will leave a considerable room which makes a perfect processing in the water. The processing will last with leveled steps so the Eheim Canister filter will surely provide you with excellent cleanness. Here are the advantages that most people search where the Filtration process gives the best benefits.

The sealing ring in the pump head is very great stuff. Made from the permo-elastic silicon sealing ring which provides. Silicon is a safe and durable material. It is resistant to mild acid so it will not get brittle easily. This silicon provides easy usage. You can open the seal when you clean the Filtration and when you are done, you can easily close the seal safely. This is a perfect stuff to be used for making practical and ease in working. The cleanness of the seal is just wonderful, and you will not have to deal with the greater impact of clogging or other kinds of impurity problem.

Eheim Classic 350 2215 Get more details

The size of this product is also small. Here, you get the 8 x 6.3 x 14 inches for EHEIM Classic 250 2213, and 11 x 7.3 x 14.6 inches for EHEIM Classic 350 2215, and it does provide a great feature. The size does not make the room inside the aquarium smaller, so the movements of this fish will not be strained. The weight is around 4.5 pounds at EHEIM Classic 250 2213, and it will not make a big pressure to the wall or floor of the aquarium. This combination of size and weight makes the Eheim classic canister filter become one of the handiest design to deal with in aquarium filtration.

The work of this product is quiet and pleasing. Most of the filtration will provide motor sound which is quite annoying in the ears. With quiet work, you will get the pleasant peacefulness when you are enjoying the views of dancing fish inside your aquarium. The sound will not bother you when you are sleeping too, so it is okay to let the Filtration turned on up all night. Most people with the typical product will shut the filter down at the night because they will get a comfortable sleep with no annoying sounds from the product.

The inlet pipe of this canister filter from Eheim is quite beneficial too. First, it comes with wide passage in the pipe. The wide passage provides some good advantages to the filter. First, this kind of design gives you an easy way of cleaning in the pipe. As the holes are big, there are more cleaning tools can be used for cleaning the impurities which may attach to the pipe. Then, you will get greater passageway for passing the water, so the volume of the water which is suck are bigger and making a more powerful flow of water in the aquarium. If you want to see what will you get in the box, bellow Unboxing EHEIM Classic 250 video.

The Advantages of Eheim Canister

There are certain advantages that which make this tool is the best filter for your tank and preferable compared to the other one. First is the great process. It takes a long way to filter so the cleanness will be ensured. The cleaning comes with multiple layers of filters. These multiple layers of filters will make you have an excellent filtering process. Multiple layers provide greater efficiency for water cleaning as the cleaned water will be cleaned again for getting even purer cleanness. This will make the water get fresh for a long time, so you get prolonged time for changing the water in the tank.

This Eheim external filter comes with really easy usage. Here, there is no setting which should be done. The design of the system is made to be plug and play, so you do not have to set the speed of the flowing water or the speed of the motor to spin. This condition does make this product become handy for anyone as there is no troublesome setting. People will tend to love stuff which does not keep them think when it is not really worth to be thought about.

The quality of the motor is fine too. The engine comes with many materials which are resistant to water effect. It does not rust easily so the durability will last for a long time. Most of the time, this motor can last at least for four years. That is a long time, and you will surely have forgotten the previous price when the time for getting the new one has come. This will give you less expense and will not affect your daily cost actually. When you want to have a thrifty thing for your aquarium, this is your best choice for sure.

The Disadvantages of the Eheim Canister Classic Series

There are some disadvantages which you will get too from this classic canister filter of EHEIM. First, the sponge is brittle. You may need to experience many changes for the sponges because its brittleness. The sponge sometimes gets dirty quickly too when you put it randomly, and when you clean it, there is a significant chance that the sponge will crumble a bit. This is due to the substance which is not strong in the substance although it has a high absorbing capability.

You will also see that the inside of the Filtration is not resistant to clogging. The wall of the filter does not come with attachment resistance. This attachment resistance is the one which prevents impurities from attaching to the wall of the filter. When there is no prevention, the impurities may stuck and clog the passage. In this case, the filter will not work at its finest state for sure. Some people love to see the cleaning system which is friendly, and you will get it when you have the filter which does not clog easily in its circulation.


Those are all of the things which relate to the Eheim Canister filter. Most of the great things that you get here are the things that you will get from a fine filter. The advantages that you get can be adjusted well with your need actually when you know how to use it. For the disadvantage, you may consider it as a concern for the treatment in the filter so you will get a wiser way for dealing with it. Now it is time for you to get the best filter and this is one of the best choices.

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