Best Quietest Aquarium Air Pump Reviews

best air pump for aquarium

There are many choices of the air pump for the aquarium. However, choosing the best one is not easy. So, for that reason, we share the most favored options based on the customers considering the design, performance, and durability. So, you can compare and find your best aquarium air pump quickly. As aquarists, we know that this equipment is needed for your fish tank to keep the water oxygenated, healthy, and clear. This tool should be able to make your aquarium safe, which means to improve your fish health. With high quality, the pump should also quiet. And most importantly, you can keep your aquarium in good condition. Here’re the best & quietest aquarium air pump reviews.

The Best Aquarium Air Pumps 2017

After doing some research and data collection, I’ve decided the best aquarium air pump that has been my choice is Tetra Whisper. Has several sizes that can be adjusted to the needs of the tank. And for the second choice based on the needs of my fish tank above 70 gallons, I choose Fluval Q2.

Why I pick them? Here’re my reviews for both powerful pumps. Hopefully become a reference for you in deciding when buying an air pump for

1. Tetra Whisper

tetra whisper 100 air pump See more details

Based on the rank, Tetra Whisper can be the best choice today. It is recommended for you because this unit is very powerful. So, it will be perfect for your aquarium with any type and model. It is very good to improve the oxygen and water health so that your fish will also be healthier. The Tetra Whisper air pump provides reliable service at an economical cost also very efficient and easy to use. The bubbles produced by this air-pump will make your fish tank look more beautiful and attractive. Then, Tetra Whisper comes with a unique rubber foot that prevents it from sliding. It also minimizes the noise so that everyone will not be annoyed. In addition, it is also covered by a lifetime limited warranty. That’s the reason why I chose Tetra Whisper as the Best Aquarium Air Pump at this time. And I believe Tetra Whisper will still be the winner in 2017.

Tetra Whisper air pump available in several sizes: 10, 20, 40, 60, and 100, that can handle the aeration needs of aquariums from 10 to 100 gallons.

tetra whisper ap 150 See AP150 info here

For tanks larger than 100 gallons can consider to choose and use the Whisper AP series. There are Whisper AP150 and Whisper AP300. These Whisper AP series are designed for deep water applications that have lots of back pressure.

2. Fluval Q2

Fluval Q2 See more details

My second choice is Fluval Q2. As we know Fluval is the most reliable brand for aquarium tools, it will also be a good idea for you to choose. It can be considered as the best air pump for aquarium because it is suitable for medium to large aquariums from 50 to 160 gallons. Besides being a powerful air pump, it is noiseless so that it keeps your room quiet. Very convenient with a diaphragm and a swing arm design that make the air flow consistently. Fluval Q2 has more powerful and reliable performance for an aquarium with adjustable air flow control to fit what your fish tank needs. The two years of warranty make it perfect to show its quality.

Top Rated Aquarium Air Pumps 2017

Let’s take a look at some of the top rated aquarium air pumps you can get online today.

Product Name Suitable Tank (Gallons) Outlets Airflow Rate (L/M) Price
tetra whisper 100

Tetra Whisper 100

60 to 100 2 3.3 Check Price
fluval q2
Fluval Q2
50 to 160 1 3.6 Check Price
VicTsing Ultra Silent
Up to 60 2 3.5 Check Price
EcoPlus 728450
Large Tank 1 38 Check Price
Pet Magasin
Pet Magasin
125 1 2.5 Check Price
tetra whisper ap150
Whisper 150
150 1 2.5 Check Price
Hydrofarm Active Aqua 2
Hydrofarm Active Aqua
100+ 2 7.8 Check Price
JW 200
JW Pet 200
20 1 1.0 Check Price
active aqua commercial 6-outlets
Hydrofarm Commercial 6 Outlets
Large Tank 6 45 Check Price
ecoplus 728360
EcoPlus 728360
100+ 2 7.9 Check Price

Fish Tank Air Pump Buying Guides

If you want to buy the best aquarium air pump, you need to consider some factors. The first thing that you should consider is the function of the pump itself. Besides that, there are two types of pump available in the market. They are the water pump and air pump.

The air pump can keep the level of oxygen healthy. It can also provide the water aeration well. It also functions to add more bubbles and decorate aquarium to make the tank look alive. There are two models of aquarium air pump are powered. The first is powered by a battery and the second one is powered by electricity (AC power).

On the other hand, a water pump which is usually found on aquarium filter that functions to keep the water moved so that it will be healthier. The water pump is also divided into two models. The first model is submersible where it can run under water entirely. It draws the water from its filter & pushes it back. There are some advantages of this water pump such as easy to install and much quieter. However, it is harder to manage the temperature. The second one is the inline model where it uses an external filter. It can move more water gallons every hour because of the powerful performance.

You also need to consider the volume/hour when you choose this tool. You have to make sure that it can process the water amount needed at different speeds. It depends on how much the water is. The headspace also needs to be considered. It is the water height needed to be pumped against the gravity force. It is different depending on the type. The last consideration relates to the comparisons between freshwater & saltwater. It depends on your need.

Where to Place?

It is very important to know where to place your fish tank air pump. One of the most popular and common placements is underneath your aquarium stand or in the cabinet. However, it becomes the worst idea because the pump is below the level of water. In fact, you should put it above the level of water. It can optimize its performance. So, you should place it behind & above the fish tank using a shelf to prevent from falling. You may also hang it on a hook behind & above the level of water.


If you want to ensure the best operation, you can apply some accessories. Here are some accessories that you may need.

  • Check valve
  • Gang valve
  • Connectors & T-valves
  • Air Stone

The first is a check valve. It is a must idea of having accessory. It should be installed in the tubing of an airline. It functions to allow air to pass in one direction only. It is to prevent the air and water from going backward and entering into the aquarium pump during the power outages. It also eliminates the chance for pump damage.

While a quiet air pump for your aquarium works well, you may also need to have a gang valve. You need this device when you need more airlines. Usually, it comes with 5 packages, but you need to buy more. It is interesting because it can be separately adjusted for each item such as each direction, air stones, etc. Accessories are connectors & T-valves are also needed if you have a larger tank. These devices allow the flow of air to be adjusted individually through airline tube. These are good if there are multiple items in your aquarium. By placing multiple bubbler outputs in the tank will makes oxygen circulate more fully.

Air Stones are important to consider when buying a fish tank air pump. They allow the air bubble to come out in fine bubbles and mixture in water more efficiently.

After you understand the discussion above, you can look for and find the most appropriate aquarium air pump for you. You can consider the important things above and choose one from the most recommended options mentioned above. Hopefully, this will be a useful reference for you.

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  1. I Have 2 whisper 100 air pumps, One is noisy and the other whisper is quiet. I tried the pump with no load and it’s still noisy. How do I fix to quiet it down?

    • Actual noise issues are usually caused by one of two things like old tubing or air stone, restriction due to incorrect installation, or improper installation and a worn out diaphragm. Maybe you should take it to a service center to fix the problem.

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