Best Reviews of AquaMaxx HOB-1 Protein Skimmer

If you are looking for the best hang on back protein skimmer 2016 you are the right place. Yes, at this time the Aquarium base will review one of the best hob skimmers today that is Aquamaxx Hob-1.

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“Compact design with very powerful submersible pump and easy to clean!”

AquaMaxx hob 1 featured with wonderful responsive collections cup and excellent powerful of submersible pumps. Aquamaxx skimmer rated incredibly for about up to 75 gallons on the designs light and thin enough for being placed on the nano or the others small saltwater aquariums. The ability of this product is also amazingly since it can remove the organics waste from the water in the aquarium. To know all about this product, here are reviews that provide lots of information that can be your buying guide.

General descriptions

This skimmer product created with the strong mix of the turbulent water movements and small air bubbles which are mainly purposed to force the waste, protein, and the others material to the collection cups for the easy removal. By this, the water in an aquarium will always clean. The AquaMaxx hob-1 feature is amazingly computer-precision engineered. Furthermore, this is utilized with latest technologies for its filtration. So, the feature can deliver values and performances which each people is looking for on protein skimmer.

Others thing that makes it loved by many people is its easy use. In the term of easy use, this product just requires less maintain and easy steps to set up. For the setup process, all you need to do just move down or up the collection cups for adjusting the levels of foam to dry or wet. To make this hang on protein skimmer always work well, having maintenance is essential to part. Luckily, it just needs simple maintenance. The presence of collections cups designed as removable features makes it easy when it’s cleaned. Moreover, every protein skimmer will include the drain fitting for the enthusiasts who want to set up the separate reservoirs for the skimming.

aquamaxx skimmer with submersible pump
powerful submersible pump

Additionally, water consistency and water quality is a kind of crucial thing to get the success of the marine aquarium. By using this product, it will help the users for ensuring or reaching that goal. This aquarium skimmer designed in a compact design is one of many reasons why this is always on the top list of aquarium supplies must buy a product. The designed from the ground up with hobbyist on minds. This AquaMaxx hob-1 have completed with the pump that placed inside on skimmers itself. This mean used for saving the spaces, reducing the noises, and also improving the efficiency. The whole types of this saltwater skimmer are computers designed.

Talking about the unit of this product, it is precision cut and manufactured by polished cell cast acrylics. For the performances, it relies on the superbly crafted of a pump of Italian sicce Syncra 1.5. This aquamaxx skimmer also supported with the needle wheel impellers for removing waste vigorously from the reef or fish tanks. The sicce pump is well regarded due to its efficiency in moving water and air. The combination of the dynamics pump with this protein skimmer will save the considerable energies of the users.

Features that makes AquaMaxx HOB-1 the Best

Kind of latest protein skimmer that takes the whole great features, and it adapts those as hanging on back versions. As compared with its previous models, this one is more improved. Today, people can get the whole amazing performances of the protein skimmer without needing the sump as they own this product. This product rated up to 175 gallons on the compact design. By this, the product can be placed either or medium or small size of the saltwater aquarium.

Talking about the features, you have to know about the presence of conical diffusers. This feature will remove the organic wastes from the water efficiently in aquariums. With advance bubbles chambers design which is featured with many conical diffusers, the turbulences on reactions chambers are reduced, and the stable laminar flows last achieved by maximizing performance and efficiency at the same time. By making the stable laminar flows and also maximize the effectiveness, all that people need is on it. On the conjunction with innovative bubble chambers, there is a fantastic element that is namely as powerful needle wheels pump which can generate the optimally sized of the air bubbles which force the waste, protein, and the others material through hybrid cones body and to the collection cups for the easy removals.

This Aquamaxx hob protein skimmer is outfitted with latest filtrations technologies and computer precisions engineered. In others words, the aquarium equipment engine is incredibly purposed for delivering the excellent performance and values that you look for on the best aquarium skimmer products. This is built by using cell cast acrylic on brilliantly polished. Those incorporate high end of features hardcore hobbyist demand with the price that can be afforded by everyone. For the ConeS Series, it is equipped with advanced bubbles chambers, air silencers, hybrid cones body, and also needle wheels impeller for whisper quiet operations, efficiency, and maximum performances.

This product also offers high performance with the features of custom Italian made of sicce pump. Moreover, this feature is supported by the individual needles wheels impellers for whipping up the larger amounts of the air with the optimum bubbles sizes. The protein skimmers and those pumps are a kind of combination which can deliver the unprecedented performances and reliabilities. By this, the aquariums waste will be removed vigorously from the tanks. So, the owners can focus less on the maintenance and more to enjoy the pieces of reefs.

Overall Thoughts

With its superior design, this protein skimmer not only performs a high function but also having eye catching look. This skimmer aquarium designed from ground up with hobbyists on minds. The presences of built-in air intakes silencers on this AquaMaxx hob-1 will reduce the noises for the operation in near silent. With its hybrid cone designs, it can maximize sizes of reactions chambers as well as for allowing the skimming for rising smoothly to collections cups. With advanced bubbles chambers, it can decrease the turbulences as well as produce the stables laminar flows at the same time. Of course, this can improve the bubble transitions and boosts the performances of skimmers.

In the term of usage, this product is truly easy. Also, it just requires less maintenance. For adjusting the levels of water, you just have to simply rotate reaction chambers. With simple maintenance, the collections cups can be removed easily for cleaning in simple twists. This AquaMaxx hob-1 includes the presence of drain fitting for those who want to set up the separate reservoirs for the skimmed. For the filtration handling in light bioload, it is recommended for about 75 gallons and for heavy bioload, it is about 90 gallons. The dimension of this product is 8.75 inches for the wide, 5.5 inches for the deep, and 20 inches for the high.

Aquamaxx Hob-1 Setup Guide

Here is guide to help you put the skimmer into the aquarium

  • Clean and prepare the skimmer
  • Reassemble the bubble plate
  • Insert the Sicce pump, divider, and tubing into the skimmer body (slide the parts carefully)
  • Reattach airtubing, collection cup, and the holding screw
  • Place the skimmer on the back of your tank
  • Fill the skimmer body with tank water
  • Plug in the power cord and attach the airtubing to the silencer, the HOB-1 features a silencer for quite an operation (you may need to adjust the cup higher at first)
  • Looks like a quality piece of equipment
  • Easy to set up also very easy to clean when needed
  • Pretty quiet
  • Compact design
  • Work properly and great job of producing bubbles
  • After only running for a few hrs is already starting to collect skimmate
  • Not silent but quiet enough
  • Poor manual instructions

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